Wild Weather in 2015

The weather can be an unpredictable beast. Whether you live on the East Coast, Midwest, Pacific Northwest or anywhere in-between, chances are you experienced a record-setting weather event this year. As 2015 comes to a close, we revisit a few of the noteworthy atmospheric happenings and how a MasterShield gutter guard can help protect your home.

Record-Setting Lows

As is typical, the early months of the year were filled with ice and snow. What sets 2015 apart from previous years, however, is the amount of snow and how extreme the cold got in certain areas of the country.

A record-breaking cold snap made February the coldest month on the books in several cities throughout the United States. Buffalo’s average temperature plummeted to a bone-chilling 10.9 degrees Fahrenheit and Chicago registered a paltry 14.6 degree average – tying its previous record that dates back to 1875. Snow was also in ample supply in much of the Northeast including Boston, where the sky dropped more than 90 inches of snow between late-January and mid-February.

Extreme cold and heavy snowfall can put your home at risk. Ice dams along the edges of your roof don’t simply create icicle hazards, but can also trap melt water that may start leaking into your house. MasterShield gutter guards, and specifically gutter heaters, help alleviate some of the issues that come with this extreme winter weather.

Drought and Wildfires

California has been stuck in a severe drought since 2011, and this lack of moisture is fueling yearly wildfires that blaze through the western part of the country.

Altogether, nearly 10 million acres of land were scorched by wildfires in 2015. Gutters filled with leaves and other dry debris can spell disaster in these situations.

A MasterShield gutter guard is self-cleaning, so while it prevents debris from collecting in your gutters, it is also slanted with the roof to encourage debris to fall to the ground where it can be more easily removed.

Holiday Horrors

Unfortunately for many in the southern part of the United States, there was little holiday cheer as residents had to deal with unprecedented weather that included flash flooding and tornadoes.

Late-December tornadoes ripped through North Texas, the worst the state has seen in over a half-century. And while Texas was dealing with twisters, states along the Mississippi River were dealing with weather-related issues, too. Unusually heavy rains caused flash flooding that overwhelmed many areas, claiming lives and destroying property.

Weather is unpredictable, and 2016 will likely bring more news of record-breaking storms that have the potential to wreak havoc. While you can’t control the weather, you can still take preventive measures to help protect your family and your home.

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