The Best Gutter Screen – Is It Strong?

Looking for the best gutter screen but fearful that the product you’re considering might sag into your gutter?  You won’t find this with the best gutter screen from MasterShield.  We start with a surgical grade stainless steel micromesh and house it in an aluminum body that’s capable of taking on the weight of a 20 lb weight per foot and bouncing back to its original shape once the weight has been removed.  Watch the videos below to learn more.

a best gutter screen

The best gutter screen won’t just be made from expanded metal because it can’t keep out most debris.

Typical gutter screens start out as inexpensive pieces of metal or plastic.  When made out of metal, they tend to be slightly curved in design.  They are made from expanded metal strips that are held to the gutter with small clips.  The expanded metal is traditionally formed when a solid piece of sheet metal is pushed through a machine with a metal plate in a press.  The plate has a pattern in it that presses through the metal, simultaneously punching and pressing the metal into diamond shaped openings surrounded by linked bars of metal.

These gutter screens typically sit on the roof; they don’t go under the roof shingles.  This often leads to debris building up and getting trapped behind the gutter screen.

Plastic gutter screens are typically PVC extrusions with diamond patterns that mirror the pattern of expanded metal, or may be punched with round holes.  The PVC tends to be thin, not  feature of a best gutter screen, because these are the systems you often hear have collapsed into the gutter from the weight of the debris that’s collected on them from their shelf-like profile.

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