Can Stainless Steel Gutter Mesh Match the Gutter Color?

We had a homeowner ask a question about the color of stainless steel gutter mesh in MasterShield and thought the issue was worth addressing.  The question was if the stainless steel gutter mesh was the same color as the main body of the gutter guard.  It’s a simple answer, because you can’t color stainless steel, but you can paint aluminum, so the color of the stainless steel remains natural and the aluminum can come in one of 14 colors we make available, including copper.

Stainless steel is a natural gray color, matching the color of any stainless steel appliance you may have seen.  We can’t change the color of the stainless steel gutter mesh to the color of the body of the product, but since the stainless steel can sometimes appear see-through, from certain directions you may be able to see the color of the aluminum below through the stainless steel gutter mesh.

Some homeowners would like the stainless steel gutter mesh to match the gutter color, but it just can’t be done.

Other Stainless Steel Gutter Mesh Questions

 Is the stainless steel shiny?

Out of the box, the stainless steel is a bit shiny, but let it weather a bit and it dulls down to a matt grey.  Some homeowners might initially notice it when the light hits it at first, but that’s only for the first few weeks.

Can I see the stainless steel gutter mesh?


Green MasterShield with its stainless steel gutter mesh

This depends on how steep your roof is.  If you expect you won’t see anything, assume you will.  Compared to a gutter guard that installs under the second set of shingles, this is not very intrusive.  The steeper the pitch of your roof, the more you’ll see.  You may notice it more on a first floor gutter than a second.

Most people notice it right after they have it installed for a few reasons.  First, they just installed it, so mentally, they make a point to look at it. Secondly, it is a little different having a gutter guard on your house than not having one at all.

Despite the fact that you may be able to see it, if you can see that it’s pitched, you can rest assured that it means less gutter maintenance for you.  Any gutter guard that sits flat means you have to still clean debris off the top, particularly in the Springtime when all the small debris falls.

And since your goal was to keep yourself from dealing with your gutters perhaps a peak of it will remind you of the time you got back from the nasty task of gutter cleaning.