MicroVortex Microfiltration Advantage of The Impossible Cloth

MicroVortex microfiltration! Stainless steel! Micro mesh!   You’ll find lots of systems touting phrases like these to get you excited, but do they all deliver the same performance and protection?

No, they don’t.

MicroVortex microfiltration is different.  It’s a proprietary weave woven to the specifications of the Higginbotham Ratio, as taught by Alex Higginbotham in several of his patents.  Learn more about it and see it in action in the video above.  You’ll also see it tested against other microfilters where the performance of the cloths can clearly be distinguished.

Once you see the difference with your own eyes, you’ll only want a gutter guard that features MicroVortex micrfiltration!

Key Advantages of MicroVortex Microfiltration

  • The latest advancement in microfiltration from the inventor who introduced stainless steel microfiltration to the gutter guard industry
  • Our 316 grade stainless steel is the finest quality you can purchase.  It will not pit or corrode when subject to acid rain or in coastal environments.  316 grade is also known as “surgical” or “marine” grade.
  • Our cloth is “softer” than other cloths.  Softer microfilters take water better than more rigid microfilters
  • MicroVortex promotes underflow of water once it is through the filter.  Other products don’t take water as well, water is more likely to  overflow their filter (see the video above for filter testing).
  • We use a proprietary weave to the specifications of the Higginbotham Ratio for better water permeability of the microfilter.
  • MicroVortex is a true microfilter, meeting wire cloth manufacturer standards of more than 80 threads per inch.  Systems that use more open weave meshes are not true microfilters, they are no different from the gutter screens sold since 1892.
  • MicroVortex microfiltration will outlast and outperform any other fine microfilter.
  • It is less likely to tear or be damaged from falling branches.
  • While any microfilter can be impacted by roof tar (different than roof oils), our filter can easily be cleaned of this residue and be brought back to perfect working order
MasterShield MicroVortex Filtration
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