MasterShield No Clog Warranty

The MasterShield warranty is unmatched in the industry.  Check around and you’ll quickly learn that it sets us apart. We guarantee that a gutter protected by MasterShield will not clog. If it does, we’ll replace it or refund you the product cost of the MasterShield installed on your house*. But we don’t stop there: should the clog cause damage claimable against your homeowner’s policy, we’ll refund your insurance deductible, up to $1,500.

Unlike some other systems, we don’t just promise to clean your gutter in the event of product failure, we promise a gutter that won’t clog. The MasterShield warranty comes direct from the manufacturer and is transferable if you should sell your home.

All of our dealers are independently owned and operated. Many match our product guarantee with a warranty on their installation costs to give you, the homeowner, further peace of mind and truly, the first 100% money-back warranty in the industry. Many of our dealers also provide the first Birds & Bees Nest Guarantee in the industry. Check with your local dealer for details.

What’s wrong with other system’s “When it clogs, we’ll clean it for free” warranty?

Well, this type of warranty tends not to be a written one, or at least not one put in writing by the manufacturer. It comes from your local installer because the installer maintains responsibility for dealing with clogged systems. Further, you should keep in mind that most of these warranties are for specific periods of time, or are prorated based on how long the system is on your home. And when you do have a problem, most of these companies have just a crew or two to deal with clogged systems, so your name will join the ranks on their list for service calls.

Plants growing out of your gutter guard? This can’t happen if your home is protected by MasterShield and you have the MasterShield warranty.

If you are paying for leaf gutter guards, what is it you want – a guard that works or a cleaning service contract for when their system fails?

Our No-Clog Warranty is the MasterShield Warranty difference. Don’t hesitate to ask your estimator for a copy of our warranty so you can review it side by side against other systems.

Why such a comprehensive and unrivaled warranty? Because MasterShield Gutter Protection® offers performance and protection that really works.

(*) Product cost represents the original cost of the product to the installing dealer, and does not include the dealer’s installation or other costs, which may be covered under a separate warranty from the dealer. See manufacturer’s warranty for full details.