What Colors do Gutters Come in?

MasterShield colors range from classic white to some of the more popular trim colors used across the country. Typically, MasterShield is matched to the color of your gutter but it can also be matched to your roof if you choose.

Gutter Color Tips

Gutter colors should not be something you think about after the fact.  Here a a couple of quick tips to help you with the process.

First, consider the colors on your home and make sure you pick a color that complements the colors you already see.  What color is your paint, your siding or your brickwork?  You don’t want your gutters to become a focal point when looking at your home.

Consider your roof color.  You wouldn’t want to pick a grey gutter if your shingles are brown, but a grey gutter could work well with many slate roofs, for example.

Your gutters cover your fascia and butt up against other trim work on your home.  You’d be best to look for a color that will complement and blend into the colors of the trim work you already see.  Look at your window trim if its too hard to get the MasterShield colors next to the gutter itself.

One of the great features of MasterShield is our drip edge which can help keep your gutter color from looking dirty and dingy over time.  Gutters often start to look old very quickly from the effect of tiger striping.

The following chart represents the MasterShield colors you can choose from. Please note, internet colors do not accurately reflect the actual paint color and can vary from monitor to monitor.

MasterShield Gutter Guard Colors - Includes Real Copper