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A gutter guard help center can be a great resource to get started learning about systems and their features. You’ll find access to many articles, videos and other resources by browsing through the categories listed below:

Snow, Ice and Other Winter Related Issues:

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Gutter Guards in the Winter
    Learn everything there is know about gutter guards in the winter. And we mean everything.
  2. Wet snow and guards 
    As you may already know, wet snow can build up practically anywhere, depending on the climate. Here you will get a better understanding of the issues wet snow may cause.
  3. 5 key features of a heated gutter guard
    Heating your gutters guards can be a great solution for Ice dams and even icicles. The 5 key features in this article will teach you helpful tips on how to get the most effectiveness out of your heated gutter guard.
  4. Christmas lights – roof safety
    The holidays can bring out the jolly spirit in most of us, which we display by hanging Christmas decor. Pointer’s on how to safely install your Christmas light can be helpful.
  5. Christmas lights and leaf guards help sell your home during the holidays
    Christmas festive decorations tend to display your home in a great light. Installing Christmas decoration can impress your guest,  neighbors or even any possible buyer, if you are selling your home. Helpful focal points in this article can help you show off.
  6. Should I expect gutter guard icicles?
    Fa la la la light your Christmas lights! Your MasterShield dealers use a great method of installing Christmas light on your gutter guard or better yet, get them installed with a MasterShield gutter guard.
  7. Can I hang Christmas lights with gutter protection?
    Proudly show your Christmas spirit with your beautifully strung Christmas lights on your gutter protected home. Helpful tips to properly hang your Christmas lights during the holiday season.
  8. 3 reasons to give yourself a gutter cover for the holidays
    The gift that keeps on giving. Not only will you benefit from not having to climb a ladder to clean your gutters, but you’ll also be doing your home a great service by minimizing the wear and tear that clogged gutters can create.
  9. 3 lessons MasterShield gutter guards learned in the October snowstorm
    Lesson Learned! Ever hear the term the lazy man does not work double. Preparing ahead for the winter season can not only save time and money, it can prevent big losses due to storm damage.
  10. Ice dam is a winter problem
    You wouldn’t have to get ready if you stay ready for winter’s harsh conditions. Ice dams can cause expensive damages to your home, discover the technologies that make our heated gutter guards effective in these conditions.
  11. Gutter guards and ice dams – notes from a harsh winter
    We bundled up to test our Guards against ice dams. What we found out? Our product’s performance exceeds our expectations!
  12. What happens to micro mesh screen in the winter?
    It’s always good to know how MasterShield’s materials react to the winter’s harsh climate. Knowledge is power and will save you a terrible hassle when you know what to expect.
  13. Stop ice dams by getting ready in the fall.
    With winter climates becoming harsher every year, preparation is key. Low-cost prevention projects can save you tons of money along with the headache of having to deal with damages to your home.
  14. Heated gutter systems: Are they right for you?
    The first step in considering a heated gutter guard is to find out if indeed one is needed for the weather conditions in your area. Various factors come into play when deciding if a heated gutter guard is needed. From this article you can create a checklist of other issues that may be causing icicles.
  15. The Ultimate Guide To Fall With Gutter Guards
    Want to prepare before the winter hits? Check out our ultimate guide to Fall with gutter guards. You’ll have all the information you need to keep your gutters and gutter guards functioning properly year round.

GAF Reports

  1. Gutter Covers and Shingles
    Collecting information before making a decision is important. Gathering that information from a reliable source is key. This report confirms facts addressed by the largest roof shingle manufacturer in North America.
  2. Asphalt can damage plastic leaf filters
    If you deep fry a plastic spoon and a metal spoon at the same time, which one do you think will deteriorate quicker? In this article we share information on how plastic can react to other materials, oils and the environment.
  3. Gutters and downspouts can cause shingle damage
    Being informed will give you the ability to assure that your gutter system is being properly installed. Making sure that your gutters and downspouts are properly installed is your first priority when considering the need for gutter guards.

Advice for New Homeowners

  1. What’s a leading cause of home repair?
    One of the leading causes of home repairs can be a nightmare for any homeowner. The cost of prevention can out weight the cost of having to repair damages.
  2. Roof inspection 101 – can gutter guards help?
    Inspection prior to installing of gutter guards can assure that you aren’t just putting a bandaid on an infected area. Addressing damages caused by issues will extend the durability of any solution.
  3. 10 signs gutter guards are needed
    Sometimes where it hurts is not what’s causing the pain. To get down to the solutions rather than temporary treatment the main issue causing the damages or pain is what needs to be address. Knowing where to inspect can help you locate the pain/damage causing issues.
  4. 6 secrets your gutters aren’t telling you
    Your gutters are the first line of defense often collecting the first blows. The first impact can also tell you a lot about the issues that affect the exterior of your home.
  5. A gutter guard can keep away the horrors
    Unwanted “guest” invading your home can cause quite a scare, unless you’re Dr. Dolittle. Discover the horrors that can be found in your lurking in your gutters.
  6. How much does gutters protection cost?
    The wrong gutter guard on your home can cause more damages than solutions. With that said, there are many variable that should be taken into consideration when you are looking to purchase a gutter protection system for your home.
  7. Second homeowners? fixes like a gutter filter can help
    Absence makes the heart grow fonder. However, when it’s comes to your vacation home that absence may cause a bit of worry. Read through a few of our great tips that can put your mind at ease.
  8. The MasterShield Clean Gutter Challenge
    Sweet talk about which gutter protection works best can get confusing and can leave you a bit skeptical, especially when everyone claims to be the best. We at MasterShield believe that actions speak louder than words. See for yourself by taking the Clean Gutter Challenge.
  9. Never had an estimate for gutter guards before?
    Knowledge is power. Estimates provide knowledge not only about the product that is being sold, but of the issues that you may not be aware are causing damages.
  10. 12 ways for hurricane preparedness
    With hurricanes getting more common and aggressive year after year, changing seasons aren’t the only reasons we should be prepared for. Using these helpful suggestions can help minimize your concerns.
  11. The Ultimate Guide to Summer With Gutter Guards
    Whether is gardening, hurricanes or general maintenance, our guide has everything you need to know to keep your gutter guards in tip top shape during the steamy summer months.
  12. Home maintenance when no one wants a new home
    What’s your market? Find out which market your house falls under. In some markets older homes are your only options, so maintenance is vital in order to maintain your property’s value.
  13. What’s worse for gutters? leaf or spring debris
    Learn more about unexpected debris that your gutters can be collecting, depending on the season.
  14. Gutter cleaning tips – ladders
    If you’re opting out to do the chore, we would like you to be safe. Climbing a ladder can be dangerous and can lead to serious injuries if not used properly.
  15. How to clean gutters and cleaning tools
    It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Useful tools can come in handy when you’re getting your hands dirty with gutter cleaning.
  16. Downspout problems and solutions
    What goes in must come out. Your downspouts are your gutters outlets, any obstruction can cause a domino effect of issues. These canals are main avenues for the rain water to be drained away from your home.
  17. Don’t forget this when gutter cleaning
    Kill more than one bird with a stone. Since you’ll already be up on your ladder it will be the perfect opportunity for you to check out a few things. Cleaning out your gutters can assist with the overflow but may not address the damages overflow can cause.
  18. How to install gutters – 5 tips. You know the saying that goes, I trust you as far as my eyes can see. With MasterShield this is not a question, as we expose our own faults, solutions and experiences. Watch for yourself and see!
  19. Peeling paint from water damage
    Crunchy paint chips hanging off the exterior of your home can make your home look poorly maintained. Looks aren’t the only issues you should be worried about when it come to peeling paint from water damage. See how a lingering problem can cause more than the eye can see.
  20. Storm drains and no gutter guards
    With hurricanes becoming more frequent and intense, any area seems to be prone to flooding. It makes you think about the additional water draining systems guiding water away from your home.

Gutter Guard Features

  1. How a micro mesh filter starts to work
    Learning how our micro mesh filter receives water can be mind blowing. Our micro mesh system is designed with specific technologies that grab water in a different manner than your typical mesh gutter guard.
  2. The benefits of a drip edge
    When our systems were designed we tried our best to address issues before they even happened. It’s was like hand holding each raindrop down to the very edge of the system.
  3. MicroVortex Micromesh
    MicroVortex Micromesh is the exclusive technology that separates us from the rest. You’ve learned how micro mesh receives water, now learn how our hydro vortex technology works.
  4. Gutter guard installation
    Our MasterShield system has many belts and suspenders to assure the best performance. Review a few of our installation specifications used by gutter professionals.
  5. Why micro mesh gutter guards should interlock
    There are a few issue we choose not to ignore that most of the gutter guards in the industry do. Read through facts of issues that we solve by interlocking our gutter guards.
  6. What you need to know about micro mesh gutter guards
    MasterShield’s inventor Alex Higginbotham has micro mesh gutter guards down to a science. See how Alex has create a design that goes against the grain of your typical micro mesh gutter guard.
  7. Micro mesh gutter guards – part 2
    With every intricate feature being well thought out, researched and tested it’s no surprise that MasterShield performs better than other products in the market. Learn more about Alex Higginbotham’s exclusive MasterShield design.
  8. Gutter guard tests
    What you see is what you get. But if what you are seeing is a fragment of what you should expect, is what you see indeed what you want to get. Testing is a great method of showing features and effectiveness when tested for actual issues you’ll encounter.
  9. MasterShield named best gutter guard by bestcovery.com
    We can stand by MasterShield and we’re glad to say bestcovery.com stands by us too!
  10. 11 reasons to choose MasterShield
    Here are 11 reasons but you only need one, our product actually works!
  11. Gutter guard tests with oil
    The elements used to test products will show you what our MasterShield guards you against. Testing on used rather than new product unlike most testers ;will give you a more realistic result.
  12. Video of gutter guard test
    Here’s documentation of the wondrous experience.
  13. Gutter protection reviews with oil, honey and syrup
    When it’s comes to clogged gutters debris aren’t the only villain in the attack on your gutters. Residue clogging your gutters like oils, pollen and etc are more common than than you may think. Testing our system against common real world problems is what gives value to our results.
  14. Latest advancement in micro mesh gutter guards
    The luxury of working with MasterShield is , that you can rest assured that you are getting the latest technology in gutter guards. Continuously working side by side with Alex Higginbotham, gives us the advantage of added these key features to our already extraordinary system.
  15. 7 things to know before choosing an extruded gutter guard
    Your gutter guard should be a addition to your gutter with materials that functions the same way. With different materials you have to figure out how the two can tango without stepping on each other toes.

More About Gutter Guards

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Spring With Gutter Guards
    Everything there is to know about gutter guards during the spring months. Learn proper installation, maintenance, and benefits of gutter guards in the spring.
  2. Gutters and covers and clogs
    Clogged gutters are rated E for everyone, this issue can happen to anyone, and may be happening to your home without realization.
  3. The top consumer complaints about leaf guards
    When our consumers complain, we listen and offer resolutions. Leading complaints may turn into leading solutions for the issue your gutters are having.
  4. How much can a mistake cost on a gutter protection purchase
    The wrong gutter protection installed on your home can cause more hassle or even worst damages to your home, rather than a solutions. Here we’ll teach you what to look out for when looking into gutter protection that fits your gutter’s needs.
  5. How to prepare your gutter guard for a hurricane Your safety always comes first, when a hurricane warning is issued people automatically go on survival mode and begin to prepare themselves for the oncoming hurricane. Typically, your gutters aren’t on your mind, with a quick look around to assure that your gutters and downspouts are working properly can prevent significant damages, if addressed before the storm.
  6. Hail damage: what just happened
    A hail storm can catch most of us off guard. Here we review the areas where most impact happens during sudden hail storms.
  7. The best gutter guard to end gutter cleaning
    These key features of MasterShield can assist with helping you off that dangerous ladder once and for all or to eliminate that annoying reoccurring gutter cleaning bill.
  8. Rainwater harvesting for green gardening
    With organic products becoming more popular day by day, we have a feeling this generation will have more “green thumbs” than we’ve had before. Collecting rainwater allows your entire gardening process to be completely organic.
  9. Installing a micro mesh gutter guard in a down economy
    With the economy constantly changing you should always protect one of your most valuable assets, your home. See how installing a micro mesh can save you tons of heartache at the same time adding value to your home.

Areas of Concern

  1. 6 facts about pine needles and gutters
    Pine needles can sure cause a terrible hassle. Learn the facts behind issues pine needles cause and the best resolution to get rid of them.
  2. Roof Valley problem area
    A roof valley is like a huge water slide at an amusement park, except there’s nothing amusing about it. Can the gutter guard of your choice sustain the water pour that comes off of a steep valley on your roof.
  3. Key issues to consider before becoming a gutter guard dealer
    Your company’s reputation is 50% customer service and the other 50% is the product that you offer. A company that can confidently stand behind it’s product and know that they are not offering what everyone else is can set your business aside from others.
  4. What you’ll hear about gutter screens from your local sales guy
    Sales guys will often do/say/promise anything they have to, and use whatever they have in their sales arsenal to close the sale. Find out what they might say to you, and the truth behind the sales pitch.
  5. Why gutter filter gutter guards aren’t worth the money
    We often get asked why a homeowner shouldn’t choose a foam insert gutter filter to protect their gutters from trapping leaves and debris. Aren’t they sufficient to do the trick? In most cases, the frank answer to this question is “No.” Here are 5 reasons why foam gutter inserts are a poor choice, some of which may surprise you.
  6. Raising leaf guard standards
    We love being surrounded by satisfied homeowners that bought a product and not a sales pitch. You’ll love that, too. It may be more expensive to take this approach, but we promise you, in the long run, we wind up with a much happier and satisfied customer base.
  7. Checking leaf guards after a hurricane
    Learn the steps to take after a severe weather event to make sure that your gutters get back in working order.
  8. What to know for hail storms
    Through some simple planning, you can make sure that you’re better prepared should your home be caught in an unexpected storm. Learn some helpful tips on what to do both before and after a hail storm.
  9. What you need to know about West Nile Virus
    Learn about the proper precautions to take in order to help prevent the spread of West Nile Virus and other Mosquito-Borne Illnesses.
  10. What you need to know about wildfire
    Learn about the proper precautions that should be taken to protect your home if you live in designated wildfire areas or their environs.