Why Micro Mesh Gutter Guards Should Interlock

Why Micro Mesh Gutter Guards Should Interlock

MasterShield panels overlap to avoid water dripping at the seams. The lower panel is recessed so that the panels meet without stacking on top of themselves.

This post is part of our micro mesh gutter guards and MasterShield Features series, in which we address key elements of our technology and design.

One of the critical elements of MasterShield Gutter Protection’s design is our interlocking panel. Temperature changes, whether they happen over a single day or over the course of a season, can impact micro mesh gutter guards differently, particularly when the micro mesh gutter guards aren’t made of a material similar to the gutter itself. Expansion and contraction can wreak havoc on a gutter guard in as little as six months.

Interlocking Solves Micro Mesh Gutter Guards Problem

Since micro mesh gutter guards come in panels, there are common problems that often develop:

  • Gutter guards that butt up against each prior piece. Put the gutter guard too close together and the system can start to buckle, creating a roller coaster effect over the gutter. Put the panels too far apart, and debris starts to get in.
  • Systems with “fingers” covering the end of the prior piece. Water loves to track over these surfaces, which means that at the end of every panel, the system experiences continuous dripping onto the ground. You’ll also notice that the gutter itself gets extra dark drip marks every four to five feet down the entire run.
  • Incompatible materials. Plastics expand and contract at a different rate than your standard aluminum or copper gutter. So does extruded aluminum. Another opportunity for a system to buckle.
  • Severe temperature changes. In certain parts of the country, it’s not uncommon for a gutter to be below freezing at night and, by midday, over 100° F.
  • UVA/UVB light. Plastic gutter guards aren’t available in dark colors because the sun will crack and discolor them. Exposing the adhesives used to keep the micro mesh in the guard to sunlight and the elements can limit its life as well, causing the filter to pop out.

MasterShield’s unique design solves several common problems our peers choose to ignore. We’ve developed a way of interlocking our panels to solve the problem of gutters buckling and water dripping over our seams. We also use a completely different approach than any other gutter guard to seal the micro mesh into the product itself. We can even avoid tiger striping, those dirty lines formed on the front of the gutter.

In our next post on this topic, we’ll describe how the system locks together since the mechanism completely disappears once the system is installed.