MasterShield Micro Mesh TechnologyFree Download:  Why Do I Need MasterShield Micro Mesh Technology?

Having a hard time choosing a gutter guard like MasterShield micro mesh?  It’s hard to weed through facts from fiction when they’re presented by an aggressive person who’s just in your home to sell the product they represent.

We’ll get you to the heart of the technology in MasterShield micro mesh gutter guards.

  • Why our MicroVortex filter makes the difference.
  • How our product design impacts more than just the gutter.
  • Why you must address roof oils.
  • and more!

An educated homeowner makes decisions they feel comfortable with.  Teaching about the amazing patented technology of Alex Higginbotham, the Father of Micro Mesh, has always been apart of our philosophy.  Go to any other website and take a good hard look at what they explain about their technology.  Notice they focus on telling you about the materials their made out of, like 316 stainless steel or anodized aluminum.  But their details on how micro mesh technology works is severely lacking.  What does that mean for you, the homeowner, when a situation, like a filter with tar on it, develops?  Do they have a solution or can they solve the problem?

Our download will cut through the half truths and misconceptions about micro mesh gutter guards and what MasterShield micro mesh does differently from the rest.

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MasterShield manufactures gutter guards and gutter heaters for your exterior home improvement needs.
Our innovative microfiltration technology saves homeowners time, effort and money from cleaning out, repairing and replacing unprotected gutters.
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