Gutter Guards Installation – It’s Critical to Match Roof Angle

Gutter Guard Pitched With Roof

By continuing MasterShield at the same angle as the roof, debris is more likely to roll off. Water hits the side of debris, allowing it to more easily flow through our filter.

This post is part of our MasterShield Features series, in which we’ll address key elements of our technology and design. Today’s feature: matching roof pitch as part of the gutter guards installation.

One of the critical elements of MasterShield Gutter Protection’s design is the gutter guards installation by closely matching the roof pitch. Although this may seem perfectly obvious when you look at a picture of it, when you look at most gutter guards installation, you’ll see that they install virtually flat in comparison. With our knowledge of how water, wind and debris interact, we avoid several pitfalls that plague most other gutter guards.

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MasterShield Gutter Guards Installation F0llows Roof Pitch

  • Gutter guards installed flat, on a slight angle or sitting in the gutter create a shelf. Shelves naturally collect things and, in the case of gutter guards, that means all the debris that rolls down a roof. The longer it sits there, going from wet to dry, the more it mats down and knits together to create a virtually solid surface that water can’t get through. When this happens water flowing onto the top of this debris mat can flow only two ways: backwards, where it will start to rot your fascia or sub roof, or forwards and over and off the cover completely.
  • As rainwater flows down a roof, it comes in contact with debris−which is physically lighter than water—hitting it from the side rather than from the top. Think of the difference between water contacting a piece of paper down a long edge rather than on the writing surface. On a roof, some water might travel sideways or go over the top of a leaf, but its heavier weight keeps most of it in contact with the roof. Since MasterShield’s surface is no different than a row of shingles, water comes in contact with our filter so that the elements of our patented technology kick in, siphoning it quickly into the gutter below.

Matching the roof pitch often means the gutter has to be lowered. Homeowners can rest assured that this doesn’t mean showing a lot of exposed fascia, just some of the MasterShield filter. In most areas of the country gutters are now hung with hidden hangers for durability and strength. Fortunately, all it takes is an adjustment to the hangers to relocate it to mirror to the roof pitch. This extra installation step provides for all the benefits engineered directly into the product.

WARNING! Not all gutter guards are flexible enough to mirror the roof pitch without lifting shingles! In a future post we’ll let you know about the damage this can cause.

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