Reasons to Choose MasterShield Gutter Guards
The gutters above started out white, but now are streaked with dirty lines down the front.

When people contact MasterShield gutter guards, we ask them what problem they’re trying to deal with.  Most comment that they’re just tired of cleaning their gutters.  Honestly, we can’t blame them.  It’s a necessary evil that looms over some homeowners practically monthly, others two to three times per year.  Below we list problems homeowners incur and how they are solved when you chose Mastershield.

Here’s a sad fact. The gutter guard business is pretty dirty and aggressive.  People will say anything to be the first ones in your home and push their product aggressively so you can’t even consider anything else.

Let us take the sting out of that experience and share with you reasons to choose MasterShield Gutter Guards you can think about. If they make sense to you, feel free to contact us for a “No Hype Pledge” estimate.
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11 Reasons to Choose MasterShield Gutter Guards

  1. We're from the industry innovator of micro mesh gutter guards, Alex Higginbotham.  Are we proud of all those patents he has on this technology?  Certainly, we license it!  MasterShield Gutter Guards manufacturer, MGP, is the only gutter guard company he's affiliated with, so we get all the benefits of his improvements in the field. Why buy decade old technology when you can be sure that MasterShield continues to give you what's best-in-field and state-of-the-art in micro mesh gutter guards?
  2. We pitch with the roof so we use airflow down the roof more efficiently to shed debris.  This means less maintenance for anyone who chooses to install MasterShield on their home.  We don't sell you a brush with every installation (although we won't hide the fact that you might find places on some homes that don't get any airflow and will need a little TLC).
  3. Our installation methodology has been approved by GAF, manufacturer of GAF and Elk Roof Shingles, not to void their roof warranty. We're the only micro mesh gutter guard with this approval. By mirroring the roof pitch and resealing any shingle that becomes unsealed during installation, we don't void a roof shingle warranty. Shingles must "win" in any gutter guard installation and remain flat or they can bend, crack and break.
  4. MasterShield Gutter Guards installation methodology has also been approved by shingle manufacturer Owens-Corning as well.  And did we mention we've also got the green light from Certainteed and IKO shingle manufacturers as well?
  5. Our filter self-cleans better than anything else available today. Stainless steel micro mesh is not all the same and products perform differently when you don't have all the fundamental elements and continued advancements built into a product like we do. We have recently added copper to our product which thins oils from shingles and breaks down moss, algae and lichen. Filters that can't clean themselves clog more easily, giving the whole micro mesh technology a black mark. We make performance the most important feature of our stainless steel filtration.
  6. Our product interlocks. Don't want dripping at the seams every four to five feet? Don't install a product with a metal finger that stretches from the front of the gutter to the back. It'll just track water and lead to constant dripping.
  7. Speaking of dripping, why have a dripping gutter guard ruin your gutters? All gutters and gutter guards will drip in the rain (sorry for stating the obvious, but some people are surprised when they do). Our drip edge assures the water that collects on this edge flows forward and doesn't run down the front of your gutters. Dirty, striped gutters aren't attractive and we'll keep this problem at bay.
  8. MasterShield keeps out debris bigger than 50 microns. That's half the width of a human hair. Pine and fir needles aren't a problem. Nor are oak tassels or maple helicopters.
  9. We're strong but flexible. Everyone knows why buildings are built to sway. They need to so they don't fall down. We built strength and this same flexibility into MasterShield gutter guards so a branch hitting our product is more likely to bounce off, doing less damage than it would do to a product that remains rigid. Rigid products have no give and the filter is more likely to damage.
  10. You'll never have to clean the inside of your gutters. Have you noticed our curved competitors saying things about filter systems? Did they share they still let debris inside of the gutters which makes them no different from an open gutter without a gutter guard? Did they share what happens when their curves coat with oils, silt and pollen and all the water flows over their covers? No, they just don't get our technology, so they either try to copy it or make things up about it.
  11. You'll have more time on your hands every season. Time to spend with your kids. Or to play a round of golf. Or to go to the big game. Time honestly better spend on something other than cleaning or worrying about cleaning your gutters. Maybe even a good opportunity to come up with your own top 10 list about MasterShield Gutter Guards.

Did you have different reasons for choosing MasterShield Gutter Guards? Let us know!
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