Who’s A Good Judge of Gutter Guards ?

Confused by the number of gutter guards claiming to be #1 lately? It’s pretty amazing that so many brands make that claim. Well, when a leading consumer testing magazine gets involved, everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon, even, as they shared with us when we went to their annual meeting, the companies that didn’t perform very well.

gutter guards all claiming to be #1

But is the best test of gutter guards done by a magazine known for testing wide screen TVs and automobiles? Is what they have to do to test a dryer the same as testing gutter guards? Does a test on a low pitched roof give the best results? Absolutely not.

So who’s a better judge? How about a Master Builder (a title you have take a standardized test to earn) and nationally syndicated newspaper columnist who had been publicly critical of gutter guards for more than 10 years (because he’d tested most of them) to have a committed stake in the “what works” game? Aren’t these “street creds” just a little more powerful, and something other companies would like to play down?

You bet.

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And here’s the thing that you won’t learn from the rest. The top performing technology of micro-mesh? Well, that’s all patented technology that we license. And, our inventor is very pleased the earliest versions of it did very well in the magazine test.

Gutter Guards Don’t Stay the Same, We’re Constantly Improving Them

But he had been tinkering with it for years and had improved upon the core technology. And those improvements are only in MasterShield, the only company that he’s still affiliated with. So when he develops something new, where does the advancement go? Into our products. Do you hear others talking of improvements or advancements? No, they’ve remained the same for years.

And so, when Master Builder Tim Carter did his test of gutter guards, where he tested MasterShield against the older, simpler technology, who performed best? Well, lets just say no one’s willing to mention this test but us, and for good reason.

If you’re doing your research, ask the questions to find out how well that gutter guard did in the “Ask the Builder” test. Ask when the last time the company had done any on their filtration design. Because if you’re looking for something that’s already a decade old or more, you’ll find it. You’ll just find that and more in MasterShield.

Insist on the efficiency and effectiveness you’ll get from MasterShield, the company on the cutting edge of micro-mesh technology.

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