What Papa Johns Can Teach You About Gutter Protection

Let’s start out with a pizza analogy. specifically, a Papa John’s pizza analogy. Their slogan, “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.” really resonates with people and Papa Johns sells tons of pizza because of it. Yet when you think about it, the things that they’re differentiating themselves with are pretty simple and basic: tomatoes, dough, pepperoni, etc. But using better ingredients is really important to them and they stand by their message with every pizza they sell. Heck, their pizzas actually do taste better and their philosophy has become so well known, they even got Dominos to revamp their own pizza to make it better, too.

PizzaNow, let’s change that same slogan up a bit. We’ll call it “Better Technology. Better Gutter Guards.” because the gist of that same message applies to what we do with gutter protection. We’re out there teaching that better technology or “ingredients” gets you a better gutter guard. And the only way that you can be out there with this message is if you’re the company with the state-of-the-art technology to back it up.

That’s what MasterShield is about. Being the company with the best technology and staying ahead of the myriad of designs that seem to be popping up all the time. As a consumer, you may never see it, but we hear about industry stuff all the time. Like someone has to try a new filter in their product because their design isn’t working. That someone has launched a micro mesh gutter guard and then pulled it from the market because water just shoots over its surface. That someone needs to use a filter that isn’t a micro mesh because they can’t get their product to work with it. Or they need to add in more features to a product they’ve offered for sale because it doesn’t actually work as launched. And just like with better pizza ingredients, better gutter protection technology makes better gutter guards.

The MasterShield difference is simply Alex Higginbotham and the technology he creates. You probably have no idea that the micro mesh gutter guard industry didn’t even exist before he created it. Get him started in a conversation about filters, self cleaning properties, water permeability, filtration design and you’ll quickly realize that what he understands goes way beyond the idea of a threads over downward extending planes; he uses more than a decade of trials and experimentation to apply what he’s learned to gutter protection. He’ll readily admit that he’s made mistakes (and lots of them), but without his failures he wouldn’t have learned what he did to get to his successes. And that knowledge, experience and expertice makes it much easier for him to quickly identify problems and change his approach to getting gutter protection shortcomings solved.

So, as the weather starts to get crisper and leaves start to fall, think about ordering a pizza with better ingredients. It may actually help you make better decision choosing a gutter guard.

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