MasterShield Celebrates Earth Day: Because a Water Shortage Can Affect Us All

Happy Earth Day to all our readers!  MasterShield salutes everyone who does their part to make the world a little greener, from the big organizations like (dedicated to giving the whole world access to clean water, especially where there is a water shortage) to the household-hero recyclers like you, who take the time to do a conscientious job separating their plastics and their paper.

More Than Just Another “Awareness” Day

First celebrated in 1970, April 22nd was designated international Mother Earth Day by the United Nations in 2009. It is now celebrated in more than 178 countries across the world. And in many communities Earth Week, a week of environmental programming, has become popular. But come May, and it sometimes seems that the TV producers and journalists put their scripts away for another year.  MasterShield, on the other hand, is a “green” company year round.

Proudly manufactured in the United States, our products have recycled content of more than 95% in our aluminum portion and at least 30% in the 316 stainless steel (a higher recycled content would not meet surgical grade standards).  MasterShield celebrates Earth Day every day by being committed to supporting environmentally friendly practices.

Water Shortage: “But What I Do Doesn’t Make Any Real Difference, Does It?”

Rainwater HarvestingSometimes it’s hard not to wonder if what one person or one household does can really save the planet. If I use a tote bag for my groceries, is that really going to slow global warming? “If every household recycled three aluminum cans a day, it would save eleven trees” — where do they even get these statistics from? Well, we have one simple thing you can do that will really have an impact.

Water shortage is not something you hear that much about, surprisingly. It’s surprising because the situation has reached the point where it’s actually affecting our lives. Parts of Georgia are in a five-year-drought and some farms there won’t survive this summer. According to the EPA, nearly every region of the country has experienced water shortages, and at least 36 states are anticipating local, regional, or statewide water shortages by 2013, even under non-drought conditions.

The average American uses a lot of water per day. Depending on where you live and how often you water your yard or wash your car, it could be as much as 400 gallons a day. If you’re a gardener living in an area that may have water restrictions this summer, you will spend a lot of time looking at the forecast and hoping for rain. But have you ever noticed that a dry spell is often followed a violent rain storm that evaporates all too quickly for your parched yard?

One really practical thing you can do is to attach a rain barrel to your downspout where you can collect water from your gutter run. You’ll be surprised how much you can collect every time it rains.  Rain water is pure and free of chemicals that can harm your plants. MasterShield protects your gutter with a guard with a microfilter that finely filters rainwater and keeps it free of contaminants. It’s a very easy way to “go green.” And it’s free, apart from the cost of the barrel–which could be offset by the savings in your water bill.

By routing the flow of rain water from your roof to your landscaping, MasterShield customers help to reuse a precious natural resource.  And our unique filtration process keeps the rain water cleaner than any gutter water you could imagine (our filtration standards exceed municipal drinking water tolerances). By the way, if your household includes students who need to do a “green project” for school, this is a perfect way to illustrate rain water harvesting in a garden setting.  And the project should include the fact that rain water harvesting is a great way to combat storm water runoff and stop chemicals leaching from our roofs and driveways into our waterways. It’s a very practical way that you as an individual can make a difference.

And at your house and with your family it really will be Earth Day every day!

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