Three Things the Real Housewives Hate About Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

We at MasterShield know you have a busy life — far too busy to watch the Real Housewives go to fabulous spas, have staged catfights, run charity galas for the homeless and then buy themselves $25,000 sunglasses. (OK, we admit it, we can’t stop watching either). But did you know that Real Housewives hate micro mesh gutter guards? Oh yes, they do! Here are three things in particular that irk the ladies:

Housewives gutter maintenance

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1. More Time To Spend With Family. Have you noticed that even though most of the Housewives live in swanky houses, there don’t seem to be too many gardeners around? (Maybe the Real Husbands got tired of their wives flirting with the help). So every spring and fall, the Housewives used to get some quality time to themselves. While their spouses were spending hours cleaning all the seeds, acorns, leaves and pine needles out of the gutters, the ladies had plenty of time for a trip to Louis Vuitton and a discreet lunch with their personal trainer, Antoine. But then hubby got a micro mesh gutter guard. A gutter guard like MasterShield that is guaranteed to keep gutters clean and clog-free. Now the Housewives have their husbands back on their hands at the weekends. With extra energy he didn’t have to spend on a tedious chore. And if you thought they found the golf stories boring, imagine how they would feel listening to hubby rave about MasterShield’s patented Hydrovortex technology, its self-cleaning properties, and how the filter keeps debris smaller than the width of a human hair out of the gutters.

2. Less Time Spent on Ladders. We couldn’t help noticing that most of the Real Husbands tend to be, let’s say, a little bit older than the Housewives. But despite their (we assume) status and wealth, they’re still regular guys, all macho given the chance to get up on a ladder. The ladies are smart–they know that most bone fractures among older adults are caused by falls, and that the risk of falling increases with age. But now that the Real Houses have micromesh guards, gutter cleaning days are over. (And in winter MasterShield’s roof-pitch-mirroring extension helps promote the release of ice and snow, so ice dams have less chance of forming on roofs). Now, we’re not implying that the Housewives wanted their spouses to break a leg or an ankle so they could take Antoine with them on that ski trip to Gstaad instead of their lawfully wedded. But with a micro mesh gutter guard and those long-life light bulbs everywhere, the ladder’s getting dusty, and Antoine’s sulking.

3. One Less Thing to Nag the Kids About: Let’s be fair, maybe the producers tell the Housewives to be such witches. (Ratings gold!) Still, I feel bad for those kids. They’re constantly picked on for every little thing and then they’re shooed out into the garden to play while Mom relaxes in the salon with the other “girls,” a carafe or five of vin blanc and the camera crew. But with a micro mesh gutter guard, the Real Housewives now have real peace of mind–the gutters will always stay clean, no matter how many tennis balls, frisbees, rocket ships and paintballs land on the roof.

Are you a Real Housewife who just hasn’t been discovered by TV yet? Let us help raise your profile–tell us why you too hate gutter guards!

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