Thinking Beyond the Leaves

When it comes to clogged gutters, most people think of tree debris like leaves, acorns and pine cones. Trees, however, are just one source of problems – without gutter guards, you are also leaving your gutters exposed to small animals and insects.

Nesting Animals/Birds
If your gutters fill up with sticks, leaves and other refuse, then you are helping create a pest sanctuary in the form of a nest. Whether it be birds, squirrels or rodents, all of these pests can create issues when they bed down in your gutters.

The weight, for one, is not good for your gutters. The nests will propagate, clogging your gutter and creating overflows that endanger your home’s foundation. Besides weighing your gutter down and clogging it up, there are other issues prevalent with rodents. These can include the potential for nesting in your gutter and chewing or breaking down your fascia boards to gain access inside your home. If that happens, you are looking at a problem that will require further repairs.

Insects and Flies
When it comes to insects and flies, they may be small but their impact on your home can be massive. Clogged gutters can become a reservoir for standing water – the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Since many mosquitoes can grow into adults in as little as four days, one puddle of water in your gutter can help breed generations of mosquitoes that are not only annoying, but known to carry diseases like Zika and malaria.

Other winged insects, like bees and hornets, can also set up shop in unprotected gutters. Quick to build and hazardous to get rid of, bees and other stinging insects in your gutters can be dangerous to the elderly, small children, pets and those with allergies.

Some insects can even create issues for your home itself, as is the case with wood-destroying insects like carpenter ants and termites. Rotting leaves in your gutter can become a home for these destructive insects, and once they have created a home they will quickly eat away at your fascia boards. This can become a costly issue that, if not professionally eradicated quickly, can lead to them entering and spreading throughout your home, weakening its structure and eventually becoming a safety and resale concern.

So when deciding whether you really need a gutter guard or not, it’s necessary to think beyond leaves, sticks and seeds. While those are important factors that shouldn’t be ignored, there is a whole other world of problems that can arise from different bugs and varmints. Remember that these can add up to massive amounts of damage that could have easily be prevented with the proper protection – MasterShield Gutter Protection.

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