The Top 5 Gutter Guard Blog Articles of 2011. Did You Read Them All?

Top 5 Gutter Guard Blog Articles of 2011Year end is always a time for reflection. MasterShield started a gutter guard blog in 2011 as a way of engaging with homeowners on a variety of topics about gutter protection. Through some amazing software, we can track the top 5 gutter guard blog articles based on how many page views they had. They’re also a good indication of what you might find important as you research gutter protection for your home.

Top Gutter Guard Blog Post #1

Master Shield Gutter Guard Installation

Not surprisingly, people want to know how our system is installed. In this post, we go through elements of our installation, the fact that GAF approved our installation methodology and if a homeowner can buy the system and install it themselves. Since this was such a popular post, it led us to create a whole page dedicated to the MasterShield installation.

Top Gutter Guard Blog Post #2

The Top 3 Consumer Complaints about Leaf Guards

We got controversial for this post. And it felt good to do it. Why shouldn’t every homeowner know what the most common complaints about leaf guards are before they buy a system? If you think that the purchase of anything doesn’t have its pros and cons, then we’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. Personally, we hate the whole dog and pony show and marketing tactics used on homeowners just to get them to buy TODAY or the amazing deal is off the table, because it leads to these common complaints.

Top Gutter Guard Blog Post #3

The Second Most Commonly Asked Question About Gutter Protection: Can I Hang Christmas Lights?

It took the #2 question just 2 weeks to reach the number 3 spot on our list. Just goes to show you just couldn’t get a good answer to this really common question about Christmas lights. Now you can.

Top Gutter Guard Blog Post #4

Gutters and Downspouts Can Cause Shingle Damage: GAF Report

This post addressed a broader issue than just gutter guards, but the damage to roof shingles caused by downspouts that dump concentrated amounts of water right onto roof shingles. We’re sure that tens of millions of homes all across America are sustaining damage right now because gutter installers just don’t take the added step of tying systems together. As it happens, it’s a standard element of a MasterShield installation that actually protects your roof against voiding its warranty.

Top Gutter Guard Blog Post #5

West Nile Virus 2011- What Homeowners Need to Know

This one surprised us a little. But West Nile is something to be taken very seriously across North America. And while its easy to think about the standing water that pools where you can see it, we in the gutter guard world want to get more people to concentrate on dealing with it where you can’t see it. Water pooled in clogged gutters can get people very ill. And by completely enclosing a gutter with a micro mesh gutter guard, mosquitoes can’t get in to breed nor would they find a wet environment to do so in. We’ll make sure to cover this again in 2012, since the prevalance of the virus changes from year to year.

Thank you for your readership in 2011. We already have a huge list of blog topics we want to cover as well as new product features and developments we can’t wait to roll out in 2012.

Feel free to share any topics you’d like to see us cover in the new year. We’d love to hear from you!

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