The Second Most Commonly Asked Question About Gutter Protection: Can I Hang Christmas Lights?

Christmas lights

OK, confession time: When I wrote a post this week about the dangers falls from ladders pose for older adults I talked about cleaning gutters and changing light bulbs but completely forgot about a good reason to get up on a ladder in the festive season: hanging up those Christmas lights!

Luckily, we had a call from a customer this morning to jog my memory. She asked a question that we often hear at this time of the year: if she installs gutter guards or gutter heaters, will she be able to hang her Christmas lights?

Christmas Lights on Gutter Guards

The answer is “Yes!” Christmas lights and gutter guards can work together, you just need to plan ahead before your gutter protection purchase and let your installer know that you decorate your home with Christmas lights along your gutter. At the time of installation, your MasterShield installer can hand-make a special clip that goes under our drip lip for you to hang your lights from. NOTE: You can possibly get dripping from the lights and the clip that can lead to icicles forming when it gets cold and there is snow or rain.

Traditional Christmas Light Gutter Clips

Christmas Lights on Gutter Guard

Many homeowners put lots of time into decorating their homes with Christmas lights.

There are many forms of traditional gutter clips that people would be tempted to use, but from what we’ve seen, most designs will not work if you have gutter protection. We happened to have found one clip that might work with MasterShield, but only because we’ve got a drip lip built into our product. The link we’ve shared will take you to where you can get this particular clip. Again, keep in mind that clips hanging off your gutter guard will create a natural path for water to follow and you might see more dripping or icicles forming at the location of the clip. It’s only fair that you know and be prepared for this in advance of your Christmas light decorating.

If you have existing gutter protection on your home, don’t tamper with it to get a clip to work with it; you could void your product warranty. You might cause damage to your gutter protection where it connects to the front lip of the gutter. If anyone finds a way around the problem, please send us an email and let us know about your experiences, we’d be glad to share your ideas in future posts.

When you are hanging lights, please remember to use a strong sturdy ladder that is tall enough to reach above the highest level you want to decorate. And it’s a good idea to have a companion with you to hold the ladder and give advice. Best practice (and some of you are real pros at this!) is to plan in advance how you are going to decorate before heading up the ladder. We have some ladder safety tips you might find helpful.

Are you hanging Christmas lights this weekend? Why not take some pictures and send them to MasterShield? We’d love to see them.