The Latest Advancement in Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

With MasterShield’s latest technological developments in micro mesh gutter guards announced this month, homeowners who install the MasterShield product are assured they are installing the most advanced and proven gutter guard technology available today.

What’s different today from MasterShield just a few years ago? What sets it apart from other “stainless steel” gutter guards? Quite a bit, actually.

Micro Mesh Gutter Guards Advanced

A view down the length of a gutter protected with MasterShield.

  • First, we’ve moved a long way from Alex Higginbotham’s original product design. These products are extruded, which means their frames must be thicker, not a benefit for a gutter guard that has to expand and contract in tandem with the gutter below. Expansion and contraction are major issues when summer and winter temperatures can vary by more than 100 degrees, like they can in many parts of the country.
  • We’ve moved away from sitting virtually flat on the gutter. It’s actually much harder to make a micromesh gutter guard work to a high standard when it has to pitch with the roof, but it’s better for the homeowner who wants to minimize maintenance. Gutter guards that sit flat create shelves for debris and that can encourage water to flow back towards the roof; issues can develop with the home that can’t when the product is installed on a steeper angle.
  • We’re the only gutter guard with HydroVortex technology and we’ve just tweaked and improved it. HydroVortex Action is how we redirect the forward flow of water down the roofline and cause it to change directions to flow through our filter using more than just the pull of gravity. Our improvements have led to a 25% increase in the amount of water MasterShield can handle in a rainstorm. Despite the fact that our pitch installation means we have to work harder to draw water into the gutter, we can handle significant rain flow and water does not overshoot the system.
  • We self clean from roof oils ten times faster than before. This is a major advancement in microfiltration, and one we’ve just patent protected. No other cloth used for a gutter guard today has the same properties as our filtration membrane. No gutter guard dares to mention the implications of roof oils on their product other than us. And it’s roof oils that typically cause gutter guards to fail since the heal over with this residue. With a tenfold improvement in our ability to self-clean, we set a performance standard several notches higher than anyone else.
  • Only MasterShield can offer you this patented technology.


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