The Key in Choosing a Gutter Cover Contractor Without Getting Ripped Off

Whenever you make a major purchase for your home, and that purchase can cost you $1,000, $10,000 or $100,000, you have to deal with a fundamental issue. You only have one chance to pick the right contractor to do the job. What happens if you don’t like the contractor’s work afterwards? Sadly, you’re stuck. It’s not like buying a pair of jeans that you can return to the store, no questions asked. The job is done, and it’s been done to your home.

And, as it relates to a gutter cover contractor, you may wind up buying from a salesperson and not the contractor directly. Sometimes you may feel you’re almost get forced into decisions to BUY TODAY by aggressive individuals that will only get paid if they sell you something before they walk out your door.

And often, this tactic leads us to choose poorly.

We found this piece of advice through a swimming pool contractor and thought it was worth sharing because the principles can be applied to the gutter cover business as well. It’s great advice boiled down into a simple technique. And it can easily make a huge difference to your long term satisfaction if followed by homeowners buying gutter covers as well.

It all comes down to references. And more importantly, the way you ask for them.

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How to Get the Most Out of Asking Your Gutter Cover Contractor for References

Let’s assume you have a gutter cover contractor or their salesperson in your home to give you an estimate. Instead of asking him for his reference list, ask this simple question first: “How many systems did you install last year?”

It’s a simple question–not at all confrontational, right? Everyone will gladly answer it and, given human nature, let’s say they might wind up exaggerating just a little.gutter cover contractor

But now that you’ve secured their confidence, you need to take it a step further, because your follow-up question will be where the crucial information gets uncovered: “May I see you reference list from last year then?”

Now you’re getting somewhere and you just need to know what to look for in what the contractor is going to hand you.

Let’s assume you get told that the gutter cover contractor installed 100 gutter cover systems last year. And when you get handed a list, you get 20 references. If this is the case, then it basically means one thing– a 20% satisfaction rate.

How do those odds make you feel?

And what if contractors hedge their bets and tell you that they can’t give out names because of consumer privacy? Think about it, if they did a good job, why would a homeowner feel nervous about being a reference? Other celebrity status (or being in witness protection?) if they were happy with their overall experience, why wouldn’t they be willing to stand up and be counted?


The reason for this is simple. There isn’t a high level of satisfaction with the gutter cover contractor.

So if you’ll be choosing a gutter cover contractor in the coming months and read this, please try what’s been suggested here.

And, if any contractor refuses to give you the references (or at least follow up with one by email if you catch them off guard with your question), just walk away. Surely, you can find someone else that’s willing to be honest and transparent with their business.

In MasterShield’s case, we have homeowners take a 2 question survey when they register their warranties to rate their experience with their independently-owned installers. And with the thousands of people sharing information with us, it’s remarkable how consistent and positive their comments are about the dealers in our network.

What great advice from the swimming pool guy that might just save you stress, headaches and money, too.

Do you have a contractor story to share? Let us know–we love to hear from you!

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