The Issues with a Cheap Gutter Guard – Cheaper for a Reason

I had a phone call from a dealer the other day that you have to hear about. He shared a story about his experiences related to a cheap gutter guard when, last Thursday, he drove an hour from his office to an immaculate four-square home under a grove of four-story-high maples. These trees were completely leafless in February, but likely getting ready to bud early due to the mild winter. The homeowner had warmly welcomed our dealer, sharing that he had watched and liked all the videos about MasterShield. You appreciate meeting people like this, as our dealer said, because they’re interested; they’ve started to educate themselves. Most MasterShield dealers like talking to someone that’s done their homework. They ask informed questions and know what they want in a gutter guard.

Cheap Gutter GuardsThe dealer walked around the home, quoted a fair price and, not to put pressure on the homeowner, left the estimate with the homeowner to think about and make a decision with his wife.

Two days later, our dealer gets a call from the gentleman. He’s had someone else out and their price is about 25% less for another gutter guard. That salesperson also claimed his company’s product was in no way inferior to MasterShield and the couple should buy from him. After a 90-minute hard-sell session with the guy, the couple said they’d think about it.

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That push on price, price, price got the homeowner thinking. He had been promised that the cheap gutter guard would perform as well as MasterShield. And he couldn’t get the price thing out of his head. What, the homeowner wanted to know, could the MasterShield dealer do for him? Wouldn’t the cheap gutter guard be “almost” as good?

Well, let’s think about that for a moment. Homeowners that buy products solely on price usually are very disappointed. Consider roof shingles for example. 15 year-shingles carry a completely different price tag than a 40-year shingle. If you make the choice of the 15-year shingle, you shouldn’t expect the same performance as the 40-year shingle. It just makes sense that the same logic applies to a gutter guard. A cheaper product is cheaper for a reason.

Cheap Gutter Guard Regrets

You’ll find that MasterShield won’t try to compete to be the low-cost product in the marketplace. We don’t want to. You’ll find there are features and elements to our design and cost structure that are different than our competition:

  1. The machine needed to make MasterShield is about the length of the trailer of an 18-wheeler. A piece of aluminum goes in on one end, goes through about 30 different stages, where it is punched, bent, folded and combined with a stainless steel filter. Other manufacturers just put a few bends or punches in a piece of aluminum or extrude it out of low cost die.
  2. You get 316 stainless, commonly known as surgical grade. Other systems have started to go to lower grades so they can still “wow” you with saying they’re stainless. BUT low-grade steel won’t handle outdoor elements well. Will you pay attention to this level of detail? Not to worry, ’cause we will.
  3. Our filter is woven to exacting specifications. No one else does this and this extra step and cost will serve you well. You’ll get a filter that takes water differently and more effectively. Notice how the cheap products have started to rely on a wider mesh? It’s because they DON”T understand how to make all the pieces work together and they have to make adjustments to get around the problems that develop.
  4. We license the technology and that helps protect you in the future. It adds to our costs, but it’s only fair to pay for using patented technology.
  5. MasterShield is installed differently from the low-budget product: our dealers often have to drop a gutter to get as close as they can to roof pitch. This extra step costs them more from a labor perspective. But you get a system that needs less maintenance, sheds debris better and cleans of oils more effectively.

This is only a partial list, but it goes to show that with what you’re paying for MasterShield’s patented technology, you’re actually getting more, maybe even a lot more than that 25% pricing differential. Keep in mind this question: How someone can charge less? Normally it involves hiring the cheapest labor they can (Hint: think lots of turnover), rather than hiring craftsmen or employees that stay with you for years. Taking short cuts will save the the manufacturer or the dealer money, but can lead to you having problems. Not a good thing when you’re talking about your home, likely your largest investment.

So don’t expect MasterShield to be a cheap gutter guard. You can, however, consider it the last gutter guard you’ll ever need to think about again.

And what, you’re wondering, did that homeowner under the maples wind up doing? Buying MasterShield of course. He let the part of the brain that listens to the logic of what he had learned help make the smart decision.

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