The Best Gutter Guards Guide to the Oscars

Everyone at MasterShield loves a fun event, and the Academy Awards happens to be one of them. In celebration, here’s how the best gutter guards can be paired with all nine Oscar® nominated films. We debated and deliberated to determine how they best embraced the spirit and message of MasterShield.
Here’s our list. May the best gutter guards and best picture win!

Red Carpet

Best Gutter Guards – And the Nominees are…

“The Artist” – Well, this was fairly black and white, not much had to be said on this one. Our “artist” in residence is Alex Higginbotham, the creator of micro-mesh gutter guards and key player on the MasterShield team. No one has the breadth of knowledge or the skills to adapt, improve or create the way he does. He’s the reason MasterShield performs differently and can take water in ways other systems can’t. On top of establishing the industry, Alex is the only person to advanced the technology since then. All of his advancements have been brought together in MasterShield.

“The Descendants” – It started with a failed product of Alex’s called LeafFree. When it didn’t work, he had to have it removed from homes. In a mere 6 months, roof oils caused its filter to clog. That became a great motivation to solve the underlying roof oil problem.

Undeterred, Alex created LeafFilter and, for several reasons, he changed its original embodiment. One issue was its original polymer filter didn’t live up to his supplier’s promises of longevity. And it’s what ultimately led to how stainless steel microfiltration came to the gutter guard industry.

Alex took the technology in a new direction and began working in all aluminium. According to him, his first all aluminium embodiment was LeafSolution.

All those descendants taught something. Improvements could be made to play off of each success and issue. He could adjust and adapt into something totally new. Ultimately, that meant adding in features no one else had. And that’s MasterShield.

Will MasterShield eventually have descendants of its own? Absolutely. Consider our patent-pending heating methodology as one of them. And, since you’ve got a team that wants to remain on the cutting edge of an industry, you should continue to expect more from us in the future.

“Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” – You know, some folks fairly close to us can’t stop making only one point. That you can’t go under roof shingles with a gutter guard. Well, there’s nothing to lose or sacrifice if you do install this way. Our installation methodology has been approved by GAF, we can go under shingles and you’ll love the beautiful performance you’ll get with our system.

“Hugo” – A journey of discovery like Hugo’s is very similar to MasterShield’s. A crumpled piece of gutter guard became HydroVortex technology, the reason we can be pitched more effectively than any other micromesh. A further love for creation and inspiration lead to our MicroVortex cloth. Seeing what isn’t yet there or what can be imagined is behind everything that we do or try. Can anyone else in the industry speak with that passion or vision?

“Moneyball” – Getting the most for what you spend and feeling like you hit it out of the park with top notch performance is what works best for you. Buy a gutter guard solely on price and there’s no way you’ll be getting the best gutter guards. Nor will they work for very long either.

“The Tree of Life” – Micro mesh gutter guards have breathed new life into an industry that has been dulled by 100-year-old technology and performance that was always fairly lacklustre. And even in micro meshes the industry started from stumbling first steps of hits and misses into a maturity of being able to offer the best features to have in a product for longevity and performance if you look for them in MasterShield.

“Midnight in Paris” – You can call MasterShield’s performance surprising and enchanting, especially when you find that we can take more water, shed debris better and self-clean of oils faster than any other gutter guard. Watch our videos for proof, we’ve got nothing to hide. Should others cast doubt from what your own eyes show you with their words? Absolutely not.

“War Horse” – Respected, admired, trustworthy despite incredible adversity–a gutter guard has to be able to stand up to all that Mother Nature can throw our way. No problem for MasterShield.

“The Help” – Need an estimate? Our network of independently owned dealers are available to support you and help to solve any water related issues stemming from your gutters.

So who wins in the category of Best Gutter Guards? The envelope, please….

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