Take the MasterShield Clean Gutter Challenge

If you’re considering purchasing gutter protection, an important step in your research should be what we like to call the MasterShield Clean Gutter Challenge.

Expectations and Reality

We all set up expectations as to what a product should do. In the case of gutter protection, we expect that gutter guards will allow water into a gutter while managing to keep all of the debris out.

Would you be surprised to find out that most gutter protection isn’t able to live up to this simple expectation?

In dry conditions many gutter guards are able to keep out big debris, such as leaves.  However, when it rains the debris becomes wet and flexible. It will mix with water and stick to wet surfaces like glue. The debris will follow water wherever water wants to go.

And, when you have a gutter protection system that consists of a solid surface with a curve at the end that’s supposed to allow debris to drop off the curve while only letting water in, you might not get what you expect. In actuality, quite a bit of leaves and debris will follow the curve and wind up collecting, hidden, in the gutter below.

Hence the reason for the MasterShield Clean Gutter Challenge. We want to show you a product that can meet your expectations.

Our dealers will take debris from your yard (because only you really know how it’s causing you to suffer from the task of cleaning it) and wet it, put it on a MasterShield gutter guard and have you see what happens when water flows with it. We promise you, that it won’t get into the gutter below since we won’t let anything in bigger than 50 microns. We’ll do the same test with one of the curved systems, too. In fact, you’d be welcome to test any type of debris on MasterShield along with any other gutter guard and see with your own eyes what happens to the debris and the gutter below.

You’ll see why micro mesh gutter guards make a big difference on a home and why pitching a system with the roof line (if it’s designed to be installed this way) can help the product do what you expected it to do: shed debris and pull water through it.

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