Roof Types: What type of roof do I have?

How often do you think about your roof? You know it’s there, and it protects you from wind and rain, but have you really thought about why it’s shaped the way it is and what it’s made from? Honestly, your roof probably doesn’t even register with you as a completely separate part of your house—until […]

Costco Gutter Guards: Are They as Easy as They Look?

You know you need gutter guards. They can save you a lot of money in the long run if you install them correctly and get the right kind. Many people are in a hurry to protect their gutters. Because of this, options such as Lowe’s and Costco gutter guards can be extremely attractive.

A Stainless Steel Gutter Screen Needs This Critical Feature

critical feature

Are you thinking about upgrading your gutters with a new gutter guard? We have some valuable information for you.  As with most everything these days, you’ve got options. Gutter guard technology has taken manufacturers in different directions with gutter guard styles and materials. You can choose between gutter screens, mesh guards, and reverse curve guards. These […]

Address Shingle Overhang When You Install a Leaf Gutter Guard

When installing a leaf gutter guard, shingle overhang is often an issue that must be addressed. Most shingle manufacturers recommend a 1/4 to 3/8 inch overhang over your eave, which is where your roof ends by your gutter. In many cases, and particularly as the home ages and settles, the roof edge

Gutter Guard Pitch

Gutter Guard Pitch

Gutter Guard Pitch Impacts How Much Debris Sits on the System Gutter guard pitch?  Is it baseball season?  Well, almost, but we’re not talking that kind of pitch.  We’re talking roof pitch and that, in layman’s terms, is how steep your roof is.  In the industry, you’ll hear roof pitch discussed in numerical terms, such […]