What Are The Top 5 Gutter Guard Complaints?

Before you buy leaf gutter guards for your gutter, you should be aware of the common complaints people that own them have.  We often hear from people who come to us to buy their second gutter guard because the first one they chose didn’t work.  We completely understand their level of frustration, this is not […]

5 Gutter Mesh Problems and How to Avoid Them

mesh problems

Hard to believe, but gutter mesh has been around since 1891. That year, Charles Smith and Samuel Slaymaker received a patent for the first gutter mesh, describing it as a wire gauze that would keep debris out of a gutter and allow rain water to be collected into a cistern. Interestingly, gutter mesh has not […]

Real World Gutter Guard Test

gutter guard test

Ask The Builder’s Tim Carter Chooses MasterShield® Gutter Protection After Real World Gutter Guard Test Read the Column and Watch the Video. RIDGEWOOD, N.J. — Nationally syndicated newspaper columnist and writer of the top home improvement Web site, AskTheBuilder.com, Tim Carter is pleased to announce his results after taking The Clean Gutter Challenge. With more than a decade’s […]

Plastic-Bodied Gutter Filters Can Be Damaged by Asphalt: GAF Report


A recent GAF report, “Asphaltic Roofing in Contact with non-Compatible Building Components and Roofing Accessory Products,” should be read by any homeowner with an asphalt shingle roof – and that’s most of us. The report addressed the issue of oils present in asphaltic roofing materials and the fact that they may not be compatible with […]