Your Home in the Winter

The Ultimate Guide to Ice Dams It’s that time of year again: temperatures are dropping and people are trading in bathing suits for winter coats. It’s pretty clear what to do when the seasons change in regards to what we wear. However, other winter checklist items feel a bit more abstract. Winter proofing is one […]

Gutter Heaters Benefits

Gutter Heaters

4 Major Benefits of Adding Heat to Your Gutters Gutter heaters are worth considering if you live where snow and ice can clog your gutters. Sadly, few people think they’ll ever need gutter heaters until it’s too late – then they have to deal with monster problems. Some neighbors of ours had turned their home […]

Exterior Peeling Paint? Advice for New Homeowners

Exterior peeling paint is a very common problem and an issue to check for as you do exterior spring cleaning or general fall maintenance. As a new homeowner, you might not recognize exterior peeling paint from other problems you may on the outside of your home. Exterior peeling paint, as opposed to blistering (which is […]

Gutter Guards and Ice Dams

guards in a harsh winter

Notes from a Harsh Winter Like several other parts of the country, it was a particularly bad winter in the Mid-Atlantic States where we manufacture MasterShield Gutter Protection. While an inconvenience in many ways, it did give us a real world demonstration related to a video we shot this past fall. It also highlighted some […]