What Is the Real Cost of Leaf Guards?

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You’re ready to enhance the safety and integrity of your home with new leaf guards. So what is the real cost of leaf guards?  This is a big question. Of course, you want to consider the investment you are about to make and everything that’s involved. Before you get too deep in the process of […]

New Roof and Gutters

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4 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong Planning on a new roof and gutters this season? Too often, your roofer or gutter installer will take short cuts that wind up leaving you with problems afterwards. Want to be savvy about gutter guards and gutter heaters to make sure you’ll get the job done right? Read on.

Fall Clean Up Checklist from MasterShield

fall clean up

A lot of things change after Labor Day.  We all seem to quickly switch out of summer mode into something a bit more serious.  Around your home, it’s almost time to start to thinking about this year’s fall clean up. Not to say you’re going to do it right now, you’ve got other priorities like […]

DIY Gutter Guards: Pros and Cons of Self-Installation

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Does the idea of a great weekend involve getting your hands dirty with home improvement projects? Or maybe it’s conquering the next DIY furniture build? The opportunities are practically infinite. If you’ve landed on this page, we’re thinking you’re smart, resourceful, and excited about all the DIY tasks on your to-do list. Maybe you’ve even […]

Gutter Installation: 5 Steps to Replacing Your Gutters

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At MasterShield, we’re in the business of keeping homes safe and beautiful by creating the highest quality gutter guards possible. But first, you need to have well-working gutters. We know that gutters function best when they are installed correctly with all the necessary customizations and specifications for your home. So we want to make sure […]