GAF Report: The Truth About Gutter Covers and Shingles

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In GAF’s May 2011 Steep Slope Technical Report, Gutter Covers and Shingles, the largest roof shingle manufacturer in North America (they make both GAF and Elk shingles) addressed the issue of roofing and installing gutter guards.

Gutters and Downspouts Can Cause Shingle Damage: GAF Report

shingle damage

In their April 2011 Steep Slope Technical Point Newsletter, GAF addressed damage to shingles from gutters and downspouts when runoff is left unchecked. When gutters and downspouts from an upper roof spill out onto a lower roof, damage can occur to fiberglass-asphalt shingles. They note:

Eleven Reasons to Choose MasterShield Gutter Guards

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When people contact MasterShield gutter guards, we ask them what problem they’re trying to deal with.  Most comment that they’re just tired of cleaning their gutters.  Honestly, we can’t blame them.  It’s a necessary evil that looms over some homeowners practically monthly, others two to three times per year.  Below we list problems homeowners incur […]