Spring Gutter Cleaning – Want to Finally End it This Year?

For some parts of the country it may seem like Spring will never arrive. Your roofs are snowy and your gutters are playing host to a family of ice and icicles. And while you have started to believe that the ice frozen in your gutters will be a permanent decoration/distraction/hazard –  fear not – the season will turn and with it the promise of Spring will award you and your gutters with a new sense of freedom.
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April showers bring April flowers

The arrival of Spring awakens plants and trees from their winter slumber and brings along an awesome bloom. And while this abundant new crop of beauty fills our senses with color and natural fragrance, in the wake of it all our temporarily empty gutters quickly fill up with wet and muddy debris. Maple seeds and leaves that are fast to fall.

You may have thought that clearing away the Fall color before the first snowfall was taxing – believe us when we tell you – cleaning your gutters in Spring is no walk in the park. It’s dreaded work and we feel that it’s actually worse cleaning your gutters in the Spring than it is at any other time of the year.


Spring Gutter CleaningThink back to the day last November when you last cleaned your gutters.  In the meantime, a few more leaves have gotten in and wedged in there, after they blew over your house and rolled down your roof.  Your neighbor’s pine tree continued to drop needles, so they’ve wound up in your gutters, too.

Winter winds whipped your trees around and they’ve spend several months self pruning.  Bits of bark, twigs and rotten wood has managed to fall on the large surface area of your roof and roll into your gutters.

Then, it all froze, froze and thawed, or was rained on for several months.  It’s started to get slimy as it’s begun to decay.

As the weather starts to warm, your trees begin to awaken from their winter dormancy. They start their blooming cycle, and more stuff start to fall.  Most of what trees shed this time of year is quite small. It’s this small stuff that makes spring gutter cleaning more frustrating than dealing with larger leaves in the fall.

Husks de-shell from tree buds, making it round one for the trees.  Then the buds start to grow and bloom and then the blooms fall.  Round two begins.  And with every tree on its own schedule, it’s a series of one-two punches all the way till June.

Spring gutter cleaning also involves dealing with sticky stuff because tree blooming often involves sticky sap, and sticky and oily pollen.  And while pollen and sap are a conversation in and of themselves, it makes spring gutter cleaning messier and more uncomfortable for anyone with allergies.

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So, we’ve painted a picture of a lot of stuff getting into your gutters and sitting there.  Not so much of a big deal, but then add spring rain showers.  Now all this stuff turns into soupy muck filling up your gutter’s trough.  Then, that wet mass starts to decay.  And it starts to smell like an organic sewer.  Want to amuse yourself?  Look at the comments on Twitter from folks just down the ladder from spring gutter cleaning.  Their comments on smell alone will conjure up some images and make you laugh at the same time.

Want to Finally End Spring Gutter Cleaning this Year?

Why do most people call us?  Because their tired of dealing with this.  And before they ever have to deal with it again, they want to install something that works.  There are too many products out there that are old, don’t work as promised and people don’t want to buy a marketing message that says we’ll clean it when it re-clogs, they want to buy a product that works.  For the first time since they’ve owned their home, they want to forget about their gutters and put all those hours lost to spring gutter cleaning into something productive for them or their families.

Bravo to them.  Now all we need to do is give you, and them, something that works, and that’s MasterShield Gutter Protection.

First, we’re going to live up to your expectations of why you’re considering a gutter guard.  It should keep out all debris, including the small spring stuff, and only let water through.  Check that box for MasterShield.  It’s microfilter, made of surgical grade stainless steel will keep out everything bigger than half a human hair. When water hits it, it’s as if nothing was there since the filter is over 98% permeable.

Secondly, we’re going to mirror your roof pitch with the system.  It’ll effectively continue your roof right over your gutters as far as debris is concerned.  That means as stuff blows and rolls down your roof, it’s as if there’s nothing there for debris to get trapped on.  Look at the number of gutter guards on the market today that look like a flat or practically flat shelf over the gutter.  Does that make sense to you?  We all collect stuff on shelves.  Flat systems trap debris, and we’ve differentiated ourselves from all other gutter guards by becoming part of the roof, rather than the gutter.  That’s even more important in cold climates where a change in angle on a roof often becomes a point for snow and ice to build up.  And we can do this and not impact your shingle warranty (see below).

Thirdly, we self clean.  We challenge you to find any other gutter guard manufacturer that speaks about roof shingle oils.  It’s an issue that no one wants to address, because they can’t.  Our inventor, Alex Higginbotham, had many of his first designs fail because roof oils coated the product and impacted the let water in/keep debris out principles of a gutter guard.  So he created and patented self-cleaning technology that allows the gutter guard to clean itself of this oily residue.  Self cleaning is a huge issue, particularly in areas with heavy pollen.  It’s the features of MasterShield that allow it to outperform other systems in markets like Atlanta, where pollen is a major problem every spring.

Next, we’re strong, yet flexible.  That’s less about spring gutter cleaning and more about installation. It allow us to follow roof pitch and not impact shingle manufacturer warranties.  We have letters from them approving our installation methodology. You’ll find them on our website and our dealers carry copies of them, too.

There are more points, too, but for spring gutter cleaning issues, we’ll leave it here.  Advanced, patented technology gets you better performance in a gutter guard. It’s as simple as that. And, since no other company works with industry innovator Alex Higginbotham other than us, you can rest assured you’ll get the job done once, and wind up with a lifetime free from spring gutter cleaning.

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