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Our goal is to solve problems that others choose to ignore.

Here at MasterShield, we’ve developed entirely new leaf gutter screen technologies. Our leaf guards are the result of feedback that resident inventor Alex Higginbotham gathered from the field: other gutter guard systems sat flat, like a shelf, and held onto debris. Could Higginbotham find a way to make a steeper leaf guard that still holds large volumes of water? The answer is MasterShield’s HydroVortex technology, where airflow and roof pitch make shedding debris significantly more effective.

leaf gutter screens

Is your house under a pine or fir tree? Then you’re in luck – we have the best gutter guard for pine needles that utilize a surgical-grade stainless steel microfilter for unparalleled gutter protection.

copper gutter guardsIt also led to creating specialty items. MasterShield specialty products include manufacturing our technology with a copper body and stainless steel filter for the homeowner that is looking to cover a new or existing copper gutter. If your copper gutter happens to be half round with a hanger that goes underneath, it’s not an issue for MasterShield the way it would be for other gutter guards that sit on the internal hanger.
More homeowners might inquire about a system that can address the impact of winter. Freezing rain or snow thawing can lead to icicles, and no one likes the impact of them dripping which freezing over stoops and other entrance ways. Our versatile Ice Shield Heated Gutter Guard may keep out debris but will allow water to continue to flow into your gutters.