One of the first questions potential gutter guard owners want to know when they call one of our dealers is, “How much do your gutter guards cost?” Although it’s a difficult question to answer, we’ll try to explain some general pricing guidelines.

Gutter Guards CostThe purchase of a gutter guard is much like the purchase of a car. With so many types and options available, price ranges can vary.  Just as a Toyota Sienna minivan can start around $20k for a basic model, it can quickly cost over $40k if you add in manufacturer and dealer options.  Items like an all-leather interior, wood finishes, all-wheel drive, rear camera backup, built-in GPS system, waterproof floor mats quickly add up to big numbers.

Given the average American sells or trades-in their car in under five years, why do so many people elect to get so many features and upgrades? The answer is simple. Most people believe it’s important to get what they want.  Comfort, reliability and their “feel good” factor play critical rolls in their choice.  At some point they may have experienced a feeling of regret when they felt compromised on the cost of something when they shouldn’t have.

We all spend a lot of time in our cars, so comfort, quality, and low maintenance are features highly important to us. Similar principles apply to most gutter guard shoppers, although quality, reliability and low maintenance are more relevant in your gutter guards cost than the rest. For as long as you live in your home, your choice of gutter guards has to be exposed to all Mother Nature can throw at it and still perform.  You’ll want satisfaction with your choice for many years, typically much longer than you’ll own your car.

Unfortunately, some people only focus on the initial cost of the gutter guard with the only goal to find the “cheapest” contractor to keep the cost of the install down, rather than focusing on finding the best product.  Unwittingly, they sacrifice performance, low-maintenance, quality, warranty, and aesthetics.

No one wants to wind up feeling regret because cost was more important than performance, especially when you consider that, unlike a vehicle, a gutter guard can’t be traded in you feel dissatisfied and disenchanted with your choice.

Hopefully, you appreciate this analogy of getting what you want the first time.  Our goal is to minimize the mistake of putting a gutter guards cost from the contractor before the quality of the product they represent.

How Much Do Gutter Guards Really Cost With Add-Ons

You many not think there are a lot of add-ons to a gutter guards cost, but occasionally their are.  Hear about people spending tens of thousands and chalking it up to what they paid for the gutter guard?  Often, the gutter guard is only a portion of what they’ve paid for.  While purchasing gutter guards, you may also have to or choose to invest in:

  • New gutters
  • New downspouts
  • Addressing fascia damage from poorly maintained gutters
  • Painting fascia, also due to water damage
  • Heating a gutter guard and the cost of hiring an electrician to do the electrical work
  • Adding to or fixing underground drains
  • Incorporating a rainwater harvesting system

When someone receives a quote for a gutter guard like MasterShield, the installing dealer should thoroughly address any options to identify their importance to the overall success of their project.  For example, if your gutters are in good shape and can  be dropped to continue the pitch of the roof, there’s no need to add replacing them to the  gutter guards cost.

So when you’re initial instinct is to ask, “How much?”, make sure you have a good understanding of the scope of your project as well as in what your expectations are from the performance of the product.  You’ll likely be much happier with the product you choose and the quality of the workmanship you have done to your home.