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Basic roof maintenance is an integral part of home ownership. Your roof is one of the largest and most important investments on you home. Gutters are an extension of your roof, so the maintenance of both is naturally linked. Roof maintenance is the first line of defense from the elements and you should do everything possible to keep it in pristine shape so that it lasts a long time. Completing the following steps will help you with this and can prevent a costly repair bill down the road.

3 Simple Tasks for Easy Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance
1. Loose Debris Removal
One of the easiest and cheapest roof maintenance tips is to removing loose debris from the shingles of your roof. Most of this will be stuff that’s come off the trees in the vicinity of your home. This will help protect and prolong the life of your shingles. Make sure you have someone secure the ladder when climbing onto the roof, and pick a clear and dry day to complete this work. Debris often collects in valleys and where a roof from one floor butts up against a wall leading up to another floor of your home. Pay particular attention to these areas.

2. The Three M’s – Moss, Mildew, & Mold
Heavily wooded areas and roofs that are in the shade a large amount of the time can develop a buildup of moss, mildew, and mold. It is wise, if you live in an area like this, to keep branches from surrounding trees trimmed back as a part of your annual basic roof maintenance to help prevent the growth of the three M’s. There are specific chemical cleaners you can buy at your local hardware stores to take of this. We happen to like Wet and Forget. Avoid using a hard bristled brush, or power washer can hurt and destroy parts of the shingles that protect your home.

3. Gutters, Fascia, & Downspouts
Unclogged gutters and downspouts are an integral part to your roof maintenance. When your gutters and downspouts clog with debris, the water inside gets backed up inside of the gutter and begins to overflow. This water not only runs over the front of the gutter, which causes one set of problems, but behind the gutter as well, towards the fascia board, roof shingles and rafters. This water is going against the grain of shingles, and can get towards the interior of the roof. Keeping your gutters free from debris is a cost-effective and simple way to keep up your roof maintenance.

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Completing these tasks will help with the upkeep of your basic roof maintenance and can save you thousands in the long run. The idea is to keep one of the largest investments on your home in good shape for as long as possible. Being proactive is key in your roof maintenance.

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