Pitching a Gutter Cover Helps It Self-Clean

Pitching a gutter cover so it sheds debris on its own.  That just makes sense because no one wants to buy a brush and constantly brush their gutter cover clean.  But gutter covers get dirty from something else-the oils that leach from roof shingles.  Alex Higginbotham was the first inventor to identify roof oils as a leading cause of gutter cover failure. He also invented the first self-cleaning gutter cover in 2003. His technology cleanses his microfilter of the roof oils that tend to clog other systems. It’s an amazing technology.

Pitching a gutter cover helps it self-clean from oils

Pitching a Gutter GuardRecently, we had a question from a homeowner, who wondered why Alex says that pitching a gutter cover with a microfilter with the roof, rather than letting it sit flat, is important in helping it to self-clean. This homeowner, who had done her research, understood that pitching a gutter cover with the roof helped shed debris, but it’s impact on cleaning was a mystery to her. In this video, Alex explains why that is.

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Do you have a question you’d like for Alex Higginbotham to answer?  Contact MasterShield through our email and you just may find that Alex will sit down in front of the camera and answer your question for you.  We realize if you’d like to ask it, someone else might be thinking the same thing or want the same question answered.  Think about it, it’s like having the inventor himself right in your living room or office chatting with you directly!

To watch more videos from Alex, check out our video gallery.  You can also visit his YouTube channel, Gutter Guard Reviews.  We have some of his videos already posted to our video gallery as well

The most important thing you’ll find about Alex’s videos is they’re filled with information only the inventor of this technology would know.  The problems with gutters, the issues with gutter guards that lead to his technology and all the subsequent improvements to it are shared so that your gutter guard choice can be an informed on.

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