Gutter Shield: Put an End Vacation Home Worries from Pine Needles

It’s vacation time and you may be headed to the beach, the woods or the lake for some well deserved relaxation. If you own the home and use it for your family or for rental income, you likely have a similar problem in any of these places – pine needles clogging your gutters.

It’s a vacation, right? You don’t want the thought of your gutters to ever cross your mind. You don’t want your paying guests worried about it either. You want them loving your home so they’ll rent it again next year.

Vacation homes are often closed up for long stretches of the year. Damp, musty smells are not uncommon, but they shouldn’t be caused from gutters clogged with pine needles. That’s because water from clogged gutters can overflow, get into your walls and ceilings and cause wet basements. No matter where your vacation home is located, it only takes a handful of pine needles to cause costly, unwanted problems.

Pine Needles Are Common Near Many Vacation Homes

Often, the only trees you’ll find naturally growing near the beach are pine or fir trees trees (most palm trees have been added to the landscape).  They grow very well in sandy soil.  Gnarled and windblown or tall and majestic, homeowners like them as part of the landscaping.

Pine Needles

Pine needles are all around these lake houses in Georgia.

Shore winds can carry pine needles everywhere, clogging the gutters on your home very quickly no matter what the season. The same thing goes for lake breezes as the wind often seems to pick up over their surface.  While wind is less likely as big an issue in the woods, you’re more likely to have taller pines and other trees directly over your home, dropping needles, leaves and other debris directly onto your roof.

A gutter guard that can efficiently and effectively keep out pine needles is a low-cost insurance policy against water damage on the home you own that might not get the same level of maintenance as the home you live in.  Water damage can lead to very costly repairs and no one wants an added expense to repair something that didn’t have to get damaged in the first place.

Your gutter cover should be designed for pine needles.  Don’t choose a system that can still let them in.  Look for a cover with no visible openings since pine needles will travel with rainwater. If there is an opening, gap, slit or hole, in the gutter guard, pine needles will get in through and get trapped in the gutter.

Look for a system than doesn’t sit virtually flat over the gutter, because pine needles will get stuck on its surface like a shelf. Let those breezes do most of the work to keep the system clean. The best way to do this is with a gutter shield that installs on the same angle as your roof, but doesn’t lift your roof shingles.

Lastly, while you’re taking the time to protection your vacation home from damage, you might also take care of your main home at the same time.  You may be able to  get away more often because you’ll be done dealing with gutter cleaning at home as well.

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