Notable MasterShield Gutter Protection Events of 2011

We’re getting ready to ring in the New Year! With about 10 hours till the clock strikes midnight, it’s time to reflect on some of the key events that happened over the last year.

2011: The Year of MasterShield Technology Patents

2011 Gutter Protection Events

Ideas become reality with the issuance of a patent.

2011 was a year of significant technology patents for us. MasterShield now licenses eight US patents from Edward “Alex” Higginbotham, and some key patents were issued this year. The most important was the reissue of his very first patent for a micro mesh gutter guard. This vastly expanded on his original patent claims. The expansion of the claims should more cleanly stop third parties from using his technology of threads touched on the underside by a downward leg, a key element of the original Higginbotham teachings. Manufacturing or selling a product that contains his technology as a distributor, dealer or affiliate without a license could put companies or third parties at risk for infringement. We believe that companies currently selling a gutter guard with similar characteristics should look closely at the patent reissue since ignorance of it cannot be used as a defense.

We believe the reissue can change the playing field in micro mesh gutter guards–and that was only one of our patents. Higginbotham was also issued a patent for a micro mesh gutter guard over louvers, another industry first.

The third patent, of a micro mesh cloth over expanded metal, should give dealers and manufacturers of this technology pause; it’s his third patent on elements of this particular design. This is notable since 2011 was also the year that an individual seeking a patent on this technology abandoned their application completely after taking it to highest levels they could at the US patent office; their patent was deemed “unpatentable over Higginbotham”.

Fairly bold statements on our part, but when you’ve got eight patents on the core technologies of micro mesh, you can afford to be a bit bold.

2011: The Year of MasterShield Technology Patent Applications.

No, we’re not repeating ourselves, we’re just adding more exciting technologies to our patent arsenal. We’ve got over half a dozen new applications in at the patent office, and not just for cosmetic improvements to MasterShield. Most importantly, we’ve made a point of insuring our patents against third parties that would seek to “imitate” our technology without requesting a license to use it.

Four Days. 16,000 Feet of MasterShield installed.

This was not for the Guinness Book of World Records or for national Install MasterShield week, this was for a single project and it got done FAST. To be fair, there were a lot of straight runs, but when you’re working four to five stories off the ground, you tend to move a little more slowly that when you’re working off the first floor.

MasterShield makes a great choice for condo developments and apartment complexes. For more information on using MasterShield for a commercial project, contact our corporate offices, we’ll be glad to share more about this and other projects we’ve been involved on.

Named Best Gutter Guard By

Thanks for the recognition,! Yes, feathers in your cap are a nice touch, especially when you’ve got a good product and story to tell. Which leads us to…

Getting in front of Consumer Reports

On a snowy day in October, we drove into New York City to attend Consumers Union’s annual meeting (Consumers Union publishes Consumer Reports). We got to speak to a few key people in the organization. The conversations were enlightening and you’ll be able to read about what we learned as we share future posts.

New Product Development

This kind of goes hand in hand with those new patent applications, but expect to see some new products out from the folks that brought you MasterShield. We’ve got several pokers in the fire and we’ll try to share a few stories about the development process along the way.

So, can you wait for 2012? We can’t! We’ve got too much going on to leave it TOP SECRET for much longer!

Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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