Do I Need New Gutter Guards if I Get a New Roof?

New gutter guards – do you need to be thinking about them, too, if you need a new roof?

Gutter guards can normally be salvaged and replaced and you won’t need new gutter guards, so long as you let the roofer know in advance this is what you want to do.  The most critical step is having the gutter guards removed from your home before the roofer begins so they can’t be dented, dinged or damaged.

Nothing against the guys installing your new roof, but they’re there to do a job and know little about what you’ve spent on other products you’ve added to your home.  Here’s an example.  At one of our staff’s homes, they had someone in to replace their garage doors.  Without ever communicating with the homeowners, the garage door installer cut huge holes in the very expensive spray foam insulation they had on their HVAC vent ducts to install the new door.  When the homeowners saw what had happened they were beside themselves– the insulation was necessary to keep the air they were heating and cooling  from being exposed to their garage temperatures!  What was this guy thinking!

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Had the installer just communicated the situation to them, they could have found a way around it, but don’t expect the guy to put too much time into thinking about your long term issues.  He’s concentrating  on what he has to do to get his job done.

Lesson learned here: part of  your job is to clearly communicate with the salesperson, the job foreman and the installers to make sure the other products you’ve invested in are treated well.  If something arises, they should find or call you so you can be apart of the decision making process.

Make sure you don’t need new gutter guards

Back to new gutter guards. Since you won’t need them, keep in mind most systems are installed with some relationship to the roof shingles.  They’re slid under them or, even if they install only on your gutters, they’re likely tucked under the shingle edge.

Our recommendation is to call in the gutter guard installer to temporarily remove the product.  Why them?  They understand the system they install and will take better care of it than anyone else would.  They may charge you a small fee for their labor since they’ll have to come back and reinstall them when the roof is finished, but this is to cover the costs of sending a crew out twice.

Installing New Gutter Guards

The new roof just went on and, in this project, we’re installing new gutter guards because the apartment building had none.

Have the roofer take off and reinstall the gutter guard and you’ll definitely need new gutter guards.  Panels will get damaged and they’ll try to reinstall the product without any installation instructions from the manufacturer.  Take a short cut and do it this way, and don’t blame the manufacturer or original installer if the system suddenly doesn’t work the way it used to.

MasterShield takes pride in the fact that roof shingle warranties will be protected as major manufactures like GAF and Owens-Corning have approved our installation methodology, but we can’t ensure that it’ll be done to their specification if someone unknown to us uninstalls then reinstalls the system.   We can only guarantee the product when the system is installed correctly and has not been tampered with by a third party.

Don’t invest in new gutter guards if you’ve already invested in a dealer installed system.  Take the time to call the dealer and work with them.  You’ll keep your gutters in tip top working order even after your roof has been replaced.

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