Mind the Gap – Cool Video on Why Gutter Screens Should Overlap

At first glance, MasterShield looks like it installs in the same way most other gutter screens do, with one piece butted up against another.

But among it’s many firsts, MasterShield actually has a unique interlocking panel system at its seams. This allows MasterShield to fit together perfectly, avoiding the gaps you might find in other products.

In this video, MasterShield inventor, Alex Higginbotham, discusses the issue. As it relates to the MasterShield installation, “typically the installer will put a screw in and draw it up tight.”


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Gutter Screens That Won’t Drip at Every Seam

MasterShield does not use joining pieces at the seam that can be noticed from the ground.  More importanly we avoid the issue with joining mechanisms:  they track water forward and off the system.

MasterShield keeps a perfectly tight fit and blends from one piece to the next in a way no other gutter screens on the market can do. Because MasterShield also uses a similar gutter coil thickness to the gutter itself we don’t have to be fearful of the expansion and contraction rate that other products are subject to.

As the gutter moves and expands, MasterShield will expand at the same rate. So our tight joint between panels, is always going to look like this. According to Higginbotham, no other product on the market can make that claim.

Other products leave open seams, which can create a small gap, or cover them with with a piece of metal.  The problem with covering the seam with metal is that the solid metal will track rainwater forward where it can never get filtered.  Imagine every 4-5 feet dripping off your gutters every time it rains. That would be more of an annoyance that all your gutters dripped all the time.

If your considering another system, how does it address water tracking at the seams?  Ask to see pictures of an actual installation so you’re educated on the issue.

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