Micro Mesh Gutter Guards – What You Need to Know

micro mesh gutter guards

This post is part of our MasterShield Features series, in which we’ll address key elements of our technology and design. This post is focused on the micro mesh used in our product.

Stainless Steel Micro Fiber

MasterShield uses a stainless steel micro filter to shed debris.

When trees start to blossom in the spring, you’ll be happiest with micro mesh gutter guards from MasterShield featuring the latest gutter protection technology from inventor Alex Higginbotham.

MasterShield Micro Mesh Gutter Guard Technology

In a field where no one recommended using a filter finer than a window screen for fear it would keep out the water (bad) as well as the debris (good), Higginbotham was the first to fly in the face of conventional wisdom.

Higginbotham discovered that among micro mesh cloths, certain ones exhibited properties that caused water to react as if the filter wasn’t there at all. Further research led to the discovery of a ratio of thread size to threads per inch that caused this phenomenon; this was true within a certain ratio range. The surface of this micro mesh cloth looked virtually solid, meaning debris couldn’t get through it, so if it were applied to a gutter guard, gutters would stay clean and free from clogs.

After experimenting with different micro mesh cloth types with varying degrees of success, Higginbotham finally chose 316 stainless steel cloth for its longevity. Higginbotham is credited with introducing this surgical grade stainless steel into the industry.

Higginbotham currently holds nine patents (and counting) on this technology in the United States and internationally. In these patents, Higginbotham teaches more than 14 new technologies related to micro mesh, representing approximately 15% of all advancements and teaching in the field of gutter guards since the first patent was issued in the 1880s. No one understands micro mesh better than Higginbotham, and he has continued to advance the field forward and set the bar higher since introducing his first product in 2001.

MasterShield is the culmination of more than a decade of research, development and advancements.

When choosing a micro mesh gutter guard, consider the importance of Higginbotham’s research and development that have gone into MasterShield’s gutter protection system. No other product best combines all of the features that he finds critical in a gutter guard. No better gutter guard product is available today that can offer the protection of micro mesh.

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