Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

micro mesh gutter

 What You Need to Know, Part 2

This post is part of our MasterShield Features series, in which we’ll address key elements of our technology and design. Here, we continue our discussion of micro mesh.

Here are some of the key reasons the micro mesh found in MasterShield will perform better than other products on the market today.

Key Features of Higginbotham-Designed Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

    • The Higginbotham Ratio. Micro mesh gutter guard inventor Alex Higginbotham discovered a ratio of thread size to threads per inch that cause water to behave as if the cloth wasn’t there. This ratio must be kept within a certain range for best performance. MasterShield does not use a stock mesh; we custom weave it in a way that optimizes Higginbotham’s teachings. As a result, our filter cleans itself better than other micro mesh gutter guards.
MasterShield Gutter Guard Protects From Oak Tassels

MasterShield’s stainless steel micro mesh protects gutters from oak tassels and other debris.

  • Micro mesh is best at cleaning sticky organics. Micro mesh products must be able to clean themselves of pollen and other sticky spring debris. A gutter guard that suggests you focus on the “strength” of their filter is not addressing filter performance. Strength implies thicker threads that are more likely to be outside of the Higginbotham ratio. They will be much slower to self-clean or may not clean themselves at all.
  • Micro mesh is best at cleaning roof oils. Roof oils can shorten any gutter guard’s life if the product is unable to clean itself of this residue constantly leaching from shingles. Again, another instance where the thickness of a filter works against what a micro mesh gutter guard should be able to do. Maximizing the Higginbotham filter ratio in combination with how the filter is touched on the underside will make a dramatic difference on how the filter cleans itself of oils. Other products do not use this ratio and are inclined to clog.
  • Micro mesh works best when properly connected. Sometimes, it’s not about what you can see, but what you can’t. There are good, better and best ways to touch the underside of micro mesh to maximize it’s performance. In fact, it’s so important, Higginbotham holds all of the patents on how to do it. With his years of testing, his best-performing ways of attracting water through the filter are found in MasterShield. No matter the roof pitch, MasterShield will adapt and keep debris from entering the gutter below. While it’s harder to engineer this, it makes a difference on how the product performs.

Plain and simple, the mesh makes the difference in a micro mesh gutter guard. Only MasterShield can assure you that the best that Higginbotham has developed in micro mesh will be part of the gutter guard you’ve purchased.