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Micro Mesh Gutter Guards – What You Need to Know

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Whether it’s spring blossoms, twigs and branches from summer storms, or falling leaves in autumn, the extra work of unclogging our gutters can add up. Seasonal chores like these can take too much time away from your family, your passions, and your hobbies. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. MasterShield from MicroMeshGutterGuards.com keeps your gutters clear of all sorts of issues, especially impediments to water flow like leaves and other debris. MasterShield gutter guards feature the latest gutter protection technology from MicroMeshGutterGuards.com. Curious if these are right for you? Let us tell you more.

MasterShield Micro Mesh Gutter Guards Technology

As long as there have been gutters, they have been getting clogged. For  a long time, no one in the industry would recommend using a gutter filter finer than a window screen. They were concerned it would not only keep out debris but actually keep out the water too. Of course, that would mean the gutters couldn’t do their job. So a fine filter wasn’t a real solution. But not anymore.
MasterShield product inventor Alex Higginbotham was the first to fly in the face of that conventional wisdom. Higginbotham discovered that certain micro mesh cloths allowed water to react as if the filter wasn’t there at all. Further research led to the discovery of a specific ratio that caused this difference. (If you’re curious, it’s the ratio of thread size to threads per inch.) Within a certain ratio range, the surface of the cloth looked solid. Debris couldn’t get through it, but it let water flow. When applied to a rain guard, this cloth could keep gutters clean and free from clogs.
Alex Higgenbotham experimented with different micro mesh cloth types with varying degrees of success, and finally chose 316 stainless steel cloth for its longevity. This was a huge development for gutter guard technology. He is credited with introducing this surgical grade stainless steel into the gutter guard industry — this is the cloth in our MasterShield Gutter Guard today. 
Karen Sager, MicroMeshGutterGuards.com’s founder and president, saw the potential of this technology which is the foundation for each of the gutter guards offered by MicroMeshGutterGuards.com.  

Patented Micro Mesh Gutter Guard Technology

The truth is no one understands micro mesh better than Alex Higginbotham. The inventor currently holds nine patents (and counting) on this technology in the United States and internationally. These patents include more than 14 new technologies related to micro mesh. Higgenbotham’s patents represent approximately 15% of advancements and teaching in the field of gutter guards since the first gutter guard patent in the 1880s. 
In 2009, MicroMeshGutterGuards.com became the Exclusive Licensee of the Higgenbotham patents. We’re proud to offer products informed by Higgenbotham’s ingenuity at MasterShield and continue his legacy of Research & Development and patent applications. In 2020, Karen Sager earned a patent in her own name for introducing copper into the MasterShield filter.
You may be thinking — what’s the big deal? We are just talking about gutter guards, right?
But your rainwater management system protects your home, your property, and your family. It can also enhance your quality of life. MMGG’s technology is a big deal, and it could be an important addition to your home. Keep reading and we’ll tell you why.

Micro Mesh Gutter Guards Can Change Your Life

Let’s talk more about micro mesh screens and micro mesh covers. MasterShield’s Micro Mesh Gutter Guards have always stood out in the crowd. This singular addition to your home can vastly improve your gutter function. They’ll likely lead to other benefits for you too. Here are some ways we know these gutter guards change people’s lives.
  • Minimize the time and energy you spend cleaning out your gutters
  • Eliminate the growth of microorganisms on your gutters
  • Improve water management from your roof especially in times of heavy precipitation
  • Lengthen the life of your gutter system by protecting your gutters from taxing issues

These exceptional gutter guards have some specific qualities that make them so effective. Let’s get into the attributes of MasterShield Micro Mesh Gutter Guards
Stainless steel micro mesh gutter guards
  1. Interlocking micro mesh panels 
  2. Copper-infused micro mesh screen
  3. Pitch-friendly HydroVortex technology

 1.  Stainless Steel Micro Mesh Gutter Guard Technology

Let the Water Flow

The unique design for these stainless steel micro mesh gutter guards allows water to move efficiently through the gutter guard screen without letting debris clog your gutters. The thread ratio of the MasterShield design means these gutter guards can handle large volumes of water. The superfine filter creates a non-stick surface and has no gaps or perforations to allow anything in. It’s an amazing technology. The  micro mesh technology serves as the foundation for many of these gutter guard’s amazing features.

2. Interlocking Micro Mesh Panels

Gutter Guards that Outperform the Competitors


The interlocking panels are standard for our stainless steel micro mesh gutter guards. The benefits place MasterShield Gutter Guards high above all competitors when it comes to effectiveness and longevity. Here are some reasons why.
Temperature changes, whether they happen over a single day or over the course of a season, can impact micro mesh differently. This is an issue particularly when the gutter guards aren’t made of a material similar to the gutter itself. Expansion and contraction can wreak havoc on a guard in as little as six months. Temperature changes, improper joints, and other product flaws lead to issues like buckling, gaps, and dropping. 
MasterShield’s unique design solves several of these common problems our peers choose to ignore. We’ve developed a way of interlocking our micro mesh panels so that gutters buckling and water dripping over seams aren’t on your list of worries. We can even avoid tiger striping, those dirty lines formed on the front of the gutter. We use a completely different approach than any other gutter guard to seal the micro- mesh into the product itself. Simply put, we’ve got the best gutter guards on the market.

3. Copper-Infused Micro Mesh Screen

Moss & Algae: Managing Organic Growth

Another problem often related to gutter guards is the growth of organic materials like moss and algae on gutter guards and potentially on gutters themselves. Green and brown growth is unattractive, but it can also impact the effectiveness of your gutters over time. To solve this problem, MicroMeshGutterGuards.com incorporated copper into his stainless steel design. The mineral copper naturally inhibits the survival and growth of organic matter, so you likely won’t have to worry about this issue again. This can mean great things for the appearance and longevity of your gutter system.

4. HydroVortex Technology 

Giving You the Flexibility to Match the Pitch of Your Roof

Alex Higgenbotham put special energy into improving his original designs so that the gutter guard could pitch with the roof. Without this feature, gutter guards often form a flat surface at the edge of the roof where debris piles up and water can’t get in anyway. Because of our HydroVortex technology, water can enter the micro mesh screen at more angles. This means that the gutter guard can be positioned along the pitch of your roof. 
This installation technique lets debris fall right off the roof while taking advantage of the gutter guard’s capacity to let water through at any angle. The MasterShield Gutter Guard HydroVortex technology not only eliminates problems with a flat surface at the base of the gutter but also uses the natural airflow of the roof to move debris over the gutters toward the ground. It increases the effectiveness of your water management system without any extra work from you.

 What Happens to the Micro Mesh Screen in the Winter?

Our micro mesh gutter guards are often thought of as three-season supports. This assessment makes sense. One of the biggest challenges for this technology is the chilly temperature fluctuations in winter. Unless you keep them heated, gutter guards aren’t designed to perform in the wintertime and ice dams could form. 
In freezing temperatures, you may see water just running over your gutter guard filter. For example, a dealer sent us a video of a MasterShield customer’s home showing a trickle down off the gutter guard. It was obvious the water was dripping from snow that was melting off of the roof. But why wasn’t the screen permitting the water to move through it and into the gutter?
Well, in freezing temperatures, it’s likely that water can freeze in the tiny holes of the filter. That probably isn’t shocking. The holes in any screen are small, whether it’s a typical window screen or a micro-mesh screen, and water can freeze across the threads. (Imagine sticking a wet T-shirt out in the freezing cold — you wouldn’t be surprised after a few hours if the water in it freezes and makes it stiff as a board. It’s pretty much the same thing with our stainless steel micro mesh gutter screen.)
Luckily, if a micro mesh screen gets direct sunlight, the sun can warm the metal in the screen to the point where it can take water again. If a portion of your gutter is in the shade or shadows and the micro mesh freezes, you will probably continue to see a drip. Yes, dripping can be annoying, but note that it’s not a waterfall. We consider this a temporary issue that, for many homeowners, is preferable to the challenges you’d face without micro mesh gutter guards. (Consider those summertime storms and how debris buildup could lead to much more water overflowing your gutters and causing problems for your home.)
Some homeowners choose to heat their gutter guards. Heated gutter guards are better utilized in heavy snow areas. They do make sense above entranceways to your home, where you don’t want dripping to form dangerous icicles over the walkway, stoop, or decking. In general, we don’t think that light dripping over the filter would be a reason to heat the micro mesh. This dripping is usually a minor issue — more of an annoyance than anything else. It’ll go away on its own when the temperatures are above freezing.
Most importantly, when temperatures rise and spring is just around the corner, if you’ve installed MasterShield Micro Mesh Gutter Guards, you’ll be ready for what they are designed to do: keep out all the spring debris from budding trees and anything else the next ten months might bring that could cause your gutters to clog.

Now You Know

Micro Mesh Gutter Guards Are Exceptional
MasterShield Stainless Steel Micro Mesh Gutter Guards are the culmination of more than a decade of research, development and advancements. The technology, protected by the MicroMeshGutterGuards.com portfolio of patents, is unmatched in the gutter guard industry. 
When choosing micro mesh gutter guards, we recommend you consider the value of the research and development that has literally built MasterShield’s gutter protection system. No other product combines all of the critical features that we’ve discussed here. You won’t find a better product that can offer the quality protection of stainless steel micro mesh gutter guards.
Are you ready to learn more about adding MasterShield Gutter Guards to your home? Contact us today!
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