Metal Roof Gutter Guards

If you own a home with a metal roof, are there metal roof gutter guards you can install on your home?

Yes there are, but the type of metal roof you have will dictate your choice of gutter guard.

Panel-Style Metal Roof Gutter Guards

Metal Roof Gutter Guards by MasterShield

Decra metal roof protected with MasterShield gutter guards.

Panel-style metal roofs consist of a series of panels that have been fashioned to look like shingles, tiles or shakes. Manufacturers of these types of systems include Decra Roofing Systems and Metro Roof Products.

Panel systems traditionally start with a strip of metal near the gutter (like a drip edge) that the system connects into. This strip can make installing a gutter guard that typically goes under the shingles (like MasterShield) easier or harder to install, depending on the metal roof manufacturer. For example, with Decra products, there is a channel in the strip into which MasterShield fits perfectly. With Metro systems, MasterShield would have to be installed by creating a wedge with the back fin, or be installed at the same time as the roof.

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Standing Seamless Metal Roof Gutter Guards

Metal Roof Gutter Guards

This is a steel standing seamless metal roof. The home is located near the Pacific Northwest coast, and doesn’t need snowguards. If snow was common, you couldn’t install the gutter guard without them.

If you have a standing seamless roof, you can easily install MasterShield with it, so long as the roof hasn’t been installed to extend into the gutter below. Water comes off a standing seamless roof differently than most roofs. Rather than a steady flow, water comes off in waves, called turbulent flow. For a gutter guard to work best with a standing seamless roof, you want the gutter guard to stay in contact with the roofing material. This is different than the roof dropping water onto the gutter guard. MasterShield can handle the impact of turbulent flow off of metal roofs, whether they are steep or shallow, because it maintains contact with the roof.

Corrugated Metal Roof Gutter Guards

Unless the corrugated roof is very short, we’ve found they’re the toughest roof type to be combined with a gutter guard. That’s because each of the corrugations creates a channel for the water, where it builds up volume, speed and depth differently than other types of roofs. In a heavy rainfall,you potentially wind up with hundreds of sluices where water will want to overshoot the gutter, with or without a gutter guard to keep out debris. If light rain is more common or you accept that there can be some overflow, you can install metal roof gutter guards so long as you feel comfortable that there may issues.

Snow Guards Are a Must

If you live in a climate where it snows, snow guards are a must when you have a metal roof, particularly with systems that feature microfiltration, like MasterShield. Snow typically slides off the roof in very large sheets. It pulls forward off the roof very slowly, and freezes and thaws each day and night. Despite the method of keeping the microfilter in the gutter guard, the freeze-thaw action with tremendous amounts of snow is capable of pulling the filter out of the gutter guard. Simply installing snow guards above the gutter eliminates the problem from occurring.

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Have a certain roof type and not sure if you can install gutter guards? Feel free to ask us about it below.

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