MasterShield Reveals The Six Secrets Your Gutters Aren’t Telling You


You know that old saying: if only walls could speak? Well your gutters could tell you some shocking things if they could talk! Your gutters are actually good citizens, doing their very best to protect your house from water damage. And what thanks do they get? People are always being told to “get your mind out of the gutter.” Actually the busy homeowner (and who isn’t busy in these days of working two jobs and figuring out how to afford college for three kids?), who hasn’t thought about gutters in months, really needs to hear what secrets your gutters are keeping.

1.They Make Great Ladders.

Ever wonder how raccoons can climb up on your roof and get into your attic? Well unless there are trees overhanging your roof, these ingenious animals are probably climbing up your gutters. A micro mesh gutter guard like MasterShield won’t be able to throw the invaders off the house, but it will stop your gutters getting clogged with fruit, nuts and seeds that may be turning your house into Raccoon Party Central. And you really don’t want them in your attic chomping on your wires and using your insulation for their dens!

2. Your Gutters May be Hurting Your Kids.

As we said, your gutters want to be good citizens. They can’t help it if they have a fatal attraction for any pollen and mold spores in the air. If you and/or your kids are sensitive to leaf mould, this is a bad time of year for you–you really don’t want gutters full of autumn leaves. MasterShield’s micro mesh technology will keep your gutters free of leaf clog–although you will still have to sweep the leaves up, sorry! Don’t put off this tedious chore too long though–we know of one young couple whose piles of leaves were covered by an unexpected snowstorm one year. When the snow melted in spring and the leaves could finally be collected, they both had a horrible allergic reaction–those leaves had gotten real mouldy over the winter!

3. Ice Dams and Gutters Fool Around.

If you live in a cold climate, there’s another illicit romance you might have to watch out for. Snow that melts on your roof, runs down the side and refreezes can form an ice dam, and gutters are a prime target. A bad ice dam might leave you with sagging gutters–something to keep an eye on when freezing is in the forecast. A little cautious snow raking (you don’t want to hurt your shingles) before nightfall may help stop ice building up in strategic areas.

4. Mosquitoes are Buzzing About Your Gutters.

As well as being annoying pests, mosquitoes can carry the West Nile virus and other nasties. To avoid attracting these pests, The Center for Disease Control recommends eliminating stagnant pools of water in your yard or garden. One of the most frequently overlooked places for stagnant water is a gutter with debris in it. While MasterShield’s openings are virtually microscopic, most gutter covers being marketed today have openings that mosquitoes can get through with great ease. Since they also let debris in, allowing stagnant pools of water to form, these systems can be fertile breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Check your downspouts: do you have a slow trickle of water that still occurs hours after a rainstorm? If so, you likely have gutters that will attract breeding mosquitoes.

5. Gutters Can Tell You About Hail Damage.

If you have a storm, damage to your roof may not be immediately obvious. Shingle grit turning up in your gutters (especially in clumps) is a warning your roof may have suffered. Now is the time to schedule a roof inspection.

6. Raindrops Keep Falling in My Gutters.

And speaking of storms, if a heavy storm is in te forecast, it’s really important to make sure to clean your gutters and make sure that your gutters are clear of debris. If you don’t have gutter covers, or you have a gutter protection system that isn’t self-cleaning (such as MasterShield’s patented Hydrovortex technology, gutters can be a weak point in your defenses. Even the best of gutters won’t be able to handle an extremely heavy fall. Water that floods from your clogged overflowing gutters won’t handle rejection well: it will probably make its way into your foundation and then into your basement. Water can also be forced into your walls and ceilings, causing problems that sadly will cause thousands of dollars to fix.

So there’s the scoop! While your gutters are not likely to be getting a book deal in the near future, they can tell some tales. Do you have a shocking tale of gutters gone bad? Tell us at MasterShield!