MasterShield Gutter Protection Launches New Website

MasterShield Gutter Protection Launches New Website, Introduces a Fresh New Information Portal

PARAMUS, NJ – July 31, 2012 – MasterShield Gutter Protection, the technology leader in microfiltration gutter guards, is pleased to announce the launch of its newly revamped website.

This informative, user-friendly site provides an information platform for MasterShield microfiltration gutter guards, the next generation of gutter protection from the multi-patented inventor of the technology, Edward “Alex” Higginbotham.

New MasterShield Website

The new home page. Part of MasterShield Gutter Protection launches new website.

The aims of the site are to allow visitors to gain a comprehensive understanding of microfiltration technology and the improvements and advancements found in MasterShield that set it apart from earlier systems that employ Higginbotham technology.

“Our new site offers a friendly information portal for homeowners as well as industry professionals to learn about the latest technology in microfiltration, also called micro mesh gutter guards”, said Karen M. Sager, President of MasterShield, “Even more importantly, it shows how Master Shield Gutter Protection differentiates itself in the market with solutions for mirroring the roof line with a gutter guard, addressing shingle oils, and solving problem situations that run the gamut from pine and fir needles to half round gutters to pool enclosures.  These are issues that our competitors can’t or haven’t tried to address with their products. We also showcase features and benefits of the patented technology of Alex Higginbotham in our design.”  MasterShield’s main objective is solve the problem of gutter cleaning and clogs with a product that won’t impact roof shingles, shed debris like a solid surface and pull water into a gutter as if there were no cover at all.  “The site includes a video gallery of straightforward and informative videos allowing Higginbotham himself to teach about his technology.  Visitors should feel like Alex is right there in their home, sharing his expertise about micro mesh gutter guards from the inventor himself,” adds Sager.  “No one understands this technology like he does.”

About MasterShield Gutter Protection

MasterShield Gutter Protection is the next generation of gutter protection from Edward “Alex” Higginbotham, the inventor of microfiltration gutter guards.  It revolutionized the industry by being the first gutter guard to combine a microfilter with a strong but flexible recycled aluminum body, allowing the product to be installed with the pitch of the roof.  MasterShield filters water to 50 microns, about half the width of a human hair, so that nothing but water will enter your gutter. Keeping gutter clear and free flowing helps prevent water damage and eliminates breading grounds for disease-carrying insects.  MasterShield’s manufacturer is a woman owned business.  All MasterShield dealers are independently owned and operated.

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