MasterShield Press Release Announces New MicroVortex Technology


In MasterShield’s latest US patent, we’ve received a patent claim protecting the stainless steel micro mesh cloth we use in our product, which features MicroVortex Technology. The patent claim doesn’t limit us to using the technology just in surgical grade stainless steel. We do this to ensure the cloth can live up to the elements like UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

MicroVortex Technology

Water through the MicroVortex cloth reacts differently than other gutter covers with stainless steel on them.

The patent claim covers the properties of how a cloth woven to the specifications of the Higginbotham ratio (and woven finer than most fabrics we all wear) will take water through it at a greater rate than other membranes.

MicroVortex Technology gives you the “Impossible Cloth”

Alex Higginbotham calls it “the impossible cloth” because before he discovered these features, no one thought a densely woven cloth that looked solid to the naked eye could take water through it.

The patent also gives us a definition for the gutter protection industry of micro mesh or microfiltration. Per the patent claim, anything with more than 80 threads per inch can be defined as a microfilter. Water siphoning through must be filtered to no more than 100 microns.  Higginbotham filtering technology goes beyond 80 threads per inch and can be applied to fine and more open mesh filters as well.  It is also only one element of the patented teachings of Alex Higginbotham.  Much of his other teachings stem from creating siphoning points in, on, or under a filter so it can pull water into a gutter.

Too many products call themselves microfilters, but are not. By purchasing a product with MicroVortex cloth technology, homeowners can be assured that they are getting the latest in patented technology.

Currently MasterShield is the only product to feature MicroVortex technology and copper features. MGP Manufacturing, the producer of MasterShield Gutter Protection, licenses the patent portfolio of Alex Higginbotham.

To read our latest press release, please click HERE.