a test of microfilter clothsMasterShield Announces New Micro Vortex Technology

With the introduction of Micro Vortex Technology, our newly patented stainless steel membrane, and advancements in HydroVortex technology, we’ve improved the water capacity and self cleaning properties of MasterShield Gutter Protection. We set the highest performance standards in the industry with these latest advancements.

This is the fifth US patent to be issued to Edward “Alex” Higginbotham.  In unique patent claims, he is matched only by J.M. Hess, who, in 1887, received the first patent in the field of gutter guards.

In our download, you’ll learn:

  • details of the fifth patent, including the claim for the first micro mesh gutter guard to feature upward or downward “protrusions”, or louvers
  • Alex’s passionate argument on the uniqueness of his “Impossible Cloth”
  • comments the USPTO examiner shared as to why he granted the claim on the cloth

With this, you’ll see how Alex Higginbotham continues to improve and advance the field of gutter protection.  His efforts ensure MasterShield sets the highest standards for any gutter guard available today.  MasterShield’s Micro Vortex Technology raises the bar for performance standards in the industry.

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