Do Gutter Guards Really Work?

There’s a lot to learn to make an educated decision about a gutter guard, including getting through all the nonsense you, the homeowner, might hear from a bunch of salespeople that know very little about gutter guards beyond a few buzz words and phrases.  We think there’s a lot to be learned from the guy that invented it all–Alex Higginbotham, the Father of Micro Mesh Gutter Guards.

In this series of gutter guard videos, hearing what he has to say about the features and benefits from his products speaks volumes and allows you to see with your own eyes what others will tell you just can’t be accomplished.

Gutter Guard Test Videos

The Snow Test:  Is MasterShield Strong?

Some of our competitors like to say MasterShield is flimsy just to convince a homeowner not to pay attention to the flaws in their own product.  Here’s a test with a 20 pound dumbbell to put that argument to bed.

MasterShield Test:  Oil, Honey & Syrup

Oil and other organics need to be able to self clean through a gutter guard that filters rainwater.  In this test, you’ll see how fast MasterShield can rid itself from these elements that can reek havoc on other systems.

5 Reasons for MasterShield. Download Here

Consumer Magazine Reports on Gutter Guards

We often get asked why MasterShield wasn’t included in the Consumer Testing Magazine’s Report on gutter guards.  We’ve actually asked them directly (since the technology they did test was a decade old or older), but haven’t gotten any conclusive answers.  But Alex Higginbotham, whose technology took the top positions in both the Dealer Installed and DIY categories, gives some thought to topic here.



The Best Gutter Guard in the World

A short video to see MasterShield in action.  You’ll be able to see the filter taking water, then we’ll bring you under the system to see the volumes of water it can handle. Most importantly, this filtered water is directed away from your home, clear of all debris.


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