MasterShield Inventor Gets Reissue of Self Cleaning Gutter Shield Patent

Breaking news from the MasterShield camp! MasterShield inventor Alex Higginbotham achieved a reissue of his original micro mesh gutter guard patent today.

What’s a Patent Reissue?

Because of the way patent law works, if certain conditions are met, an inventor can request a reissue to reword and broaden original claims so that they more accurately encompass all of the new discoveries the inventor discovered. Alex Higginbotham, as a novice patent writer, taught a great deal of new technology in his first patent (US 6,598,352) but all of his discoveries in their entirety were not noted in the narrow language of the patent claims.

The reissue has been in the works for more than 5 years. It establishes a clear and indisputable date for the invention of self cleaning micro mesh technology, something several people selling gutter guards that feature a microfilter have erroneously claimed.

New Patent Broadens Original Patent Claims

In US Patent RE42,896, Alex teaches: “A filter assembly, comprising: a filter membrane comprising first and second pluralities of threads and defining a first surface and a second surface; and an extruded skeletal structure beneath the filter membrane and bounded by longitudinally extending ends, the skeletal structure having a perforated plane spaced from the first surface of the filter membrane; and a plurality of first legs disposed on the perforated plane intermediate the longitudinally extending ends and extending along a length of the skeletal structure above the perforated plane, wherein each of the first legs extends toward and contacts the first surface of the filter membrane, whereby when the filter assembly is installed in the open top of a rain gutter, water flowing across the filter membrane in a direction normal to the length of the skeletal structure is redirected downward by the first legs through the perforated plane and into the rain gutter.”

MasterShield Inventor Reissue

This illustration from the patent reissue does a good job of explaining one of the new patent claims. In this diagram, the legs are illustrated as having a curved “T” shape, but the top, length, size or shape of the leg doesn’t matter as it relates to what is protected by this patent.

That sounds pretty technical (and a lot of it is, but really the patent language is just describing how you’d attach a gutter guard to a gutter). The core elements of the patent are crystal clear: if something consisting of threads is touched on the underside by at least two legs (shape, length or size of the legs doesn’t matter) and this goes over a gutter so that water is directed through it and into the gutter, Alex holds the patent.

This technology is in MasterShield and currently only MasterShield is licensed to use it.

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