MasterShield Home Shows & Trade Shows for April 8-10, 2016!

Whomever we missed last week on account of Easter, Happy Easter!

The second weekend of April is like a bumblebee landing on tissue paper: quiet. It’s certainly not the airplane-taking-off-at-a-rock-concert loudness you’ve come to expect from MasterShield’s presence, but it is still undeniably a presence. We roar, we howl, and we keep water out of your home.

Truth be told, the weather report isn’t looking as Spring as we’d hoped. It’s going to be hovering around a nippy 50 degrees, which we’d say is a bit on the cold side. Saturday we might see some rain, but Sunday April 10 looks clear! That’s significant because it’s actually the only day we’ll be out this weekend. Grab the details below!

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MasterShield Events April 10 2016 – Find Us at the Following Trade & Home Shows:

booth-water display

Learn about MasterShield gutter protection and one of the many shows or expositions around the country!

New York

Gutter Guard Authority

Nyack Chamber Street Festival “SpringFest”

Check out the Nyack Chamber Street Festival “SpringFest” event page here!

Sunday April 10 from 10 AM – 5 PM. at the corner of Main Street and Broadway in Nyack, NY.

Beautiful Nyack is located just 19 miles north of Manhattan. Sandwiched between rolling hills and the West bank of the Hudson, Nyack offers lovely views of the historic river. The name is adopted from the Native Americans who established the land long before European colonization. The Native American presence is still felt in the “midden” (a Scandinavian-derived word used in the archaeological community to describe any past landfill), which are large mounds of oyster shells found along the shore.

Interestingly, Nyack is the childhood home of 20th century realist painter Edward Hopper. You may know Hopper through his most recognizable work “Nighthawks”.

While on Broadway you may decide you’d like to check out the Art Cafe of Nyack, a highly reviewed cafe on Yelp. Alain’s Wine & Tapas on Main seems to also be proving itself a local favorite. Whatever you do, you’re sure to have fun this weekend with Gutter Guard Authority at SpringFest!


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