MasterShield Gutter Protection Reviews with Oil, Honey and Syrup

MasterShield gutter protection reviews by Alex Higginbotham just may be a little different than what you’ll see elsewhere in a gutter guard review. In fact, in most cases, you’ll see a star system or score of some kind, but nothing in video format so you can see the test done and its results with your own eyes.

In his latest video, Alex Higginbotham takes equal amounts of oil, honey and syrup and smears them on MasterShield’s stainless steel filter.

MasterShield Gutter Protection Reviews with Real World Problems

Sounds different from other gutter guard tests, doesn’t it? But by testing in this way, he can see how quickly the product will wash itself clean of representations of common residues in a mild 2-inch-per-hour rain. Self-cleaning in this manner is a good indication of product performance against roof oils, pollen and tree sap.

Take a look at the test results in the video below. We think you’ll be impressed on MasterShield’s ability to quickly clean itself of these substances. And as Alex Higginbotham posts more gutter guard reviews and tests, you’ll quickly see a clear difference in the performance of the different products. We just wanted to be sure you saw MasterShield first, so that we set the performance bar for the rest.

Think you’d like to see something else as part of MasterShield Gutter Protection Reviews? Well, some folks recently made strength important in gutter guards (although it hadn’t been an issue for over 100 years), so we take on the strength point in our video “An Elephant on MasterShield” Frankly, oils, pollen and other residues are more likely to cause problems to your whole gutter system than the random act that might cause a tree limb to fall on your gutters. We suggest your attention is better spent on the gutter guard cloggers before other points are raised.

Want another critical point? Products that sit flat are more likely to trap debris like a shelf. You may not mind this if you’ve got a box store gutter guard installed, but if you’re spending top dollar, you won’t want a system that traps debris. Watch our roof pitch videos to learn why this is a key factor in your MasterShield Gutter Protection Reviews.

MasterShield Gutter Guard Estimate

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