Gutter Mesh – Ours is Really Different

Since the gutter guard industry doesn’t have any hard and fast rules for product descriptions, gutter mesh can describe a wide variety of products.  At it’s simplest, it’s the do-it-yourself plastic filter that rolls out over your gutters.  It typically comes in 6 inch by 20 foot rolls.  Gutter mesh can also be the plastic three to four foot long plastic panels that have a diamond pattern in them.  This style clips onto the front lip of the gutter.

Typically, when you hear about a product being flimsy and collapsing into a gutter from the weight of the debris sitting on them, people are discussing this type of product.  They sit flat over the open airspace of the gutter and are naturally prone to trap debris on their shelf-like surface.  Once enough debris builds up, typically in the spring or in the fall if you have pine trees, the gutter mesh can’t handle the weight of wet debris and it drops into the gutter.

Gutter mesh can also be made out of expanded aluminum.  This is another product commonly sold by gutter companies as their standard gutter guard.  You can also buy it at your local box store.  Aluminum expanded gutter mesh tends to be rounded and clips onto the front lip of the gutter with a simple clip.  Its rounded design might not collapse into the gutter easily since the metal is more rigid than its plastic counterparts, but debris tends to get trapped behind the curve on your roof shingles.

Any gutter mesh like this will still let small debris into your gutter.  Pine needles are easily trapped in the gutter, the same thing will happen with small spring debris.

The biggest problem with gutter mesh like this is that you still have to clean your gutters.  Additionally, you’re letting debris rot in them and that can cause premature gutter aging.  That’s because rotting debris is acidic

Or it’s  can be the simple plastic rolls of material that look like yYou can buy gutter mesh at any Lowes or Home Depot, but are you really getting what you want in gutter protection?  We don’t think so. Learn more about our micro mesh in the videos below.

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